10 Persons Who Show That Academics Is Not The Only Way Success

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Education is not the only key to success– was once stated but proved by many. If you think that formal education is the only way to succeed and you need a school to extract the talent within you, then my friend throw out this misconception because qualifications are no longer a proven formula for wealth and success.

Here is the list of famous personalities who made their marks on the world in-spite of their lack of education.

While listing the famous successful college dropouts, Mr Facebook has to top the list. Mark Zuckerberg, founded a social networking site only for the Harvard students.But as Facebook’s popularity exploded, Zuckerberg packed up his bags and relocated the fledgeling company to Palo Alto, California, forever leaving behind Harvard’s hallowed halls.And now he is counted among the youngest billionaires of the world.

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After the founder of Facebook comes the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak Jobs. Not many of us know about his story as a dropout. He although did his graduation from Homestead High School, yet he ended up dropping Reed college due to the financial crisis. At the time of his death in 2011, Jobs’ net worth was $11 billion.

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Not only the owners of foreign companies but also one of the largest telecom network in India- Reliance was started by one who decided that education is not the only way out. Dhirubhai Ambani, in-spite of being extremely intelligent, he never did well at school. He was extremely impatient and as a result, gave up his education while he was in college.

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Harvard’s most successful dropout“- this is what Bill Gates is known as. Gates entered Harvard in the fall of 1973, only to drop out two years later to find Microsoft with childhood friend Paul Allen. In 2007, more than thirty years later he left Harvard, the co-founder of Microsoft would finally receive his degree (an honorary doctorate) from his alma mater. For more than a decade he is one of the wealthiest man, if not the wealthiest.

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Gautam Adani dropped out his commerce degree midway and went on to start his own diamond brokerage company ostensibly named Adani Group. He founded the Group in 1988, which now deals in businesses spanning coal trading, coal mining, oil & gas exploration, ports, logistics power generation, agriculture, edible oils, transmission, and gas distribution.  With a net worth of almost 6 billion dollars, it’s almost unsurprising that he was once kidnapped by Anees Ibrahim and ransomed for 3 crores!

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The dropouts did not only prove to be better in the field of business but also owns the limelight in various other fields!


Kapil Dev, the former Indian cricketer left his schooling in order to give his full focus to the game. He is considered one of the best cricketers of all time and the World Cup-1983 has always topped his list of achievement.

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Not only him, but also Sachin Tendulkar left his schooling after class 10. Although the Little Master’s prodigious skills on the field were apparent much before that. “God of cricket” is what Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is titled as.

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India’s Human Resource Development minister, Smriti Irani allegedly only studied up to class 12. It is quite surprising, considering she is in charge of the Education Department of the Government, though there are reports that she did a commerce course in 2013.

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Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood is also among those who decided that education till class 12 was enough. Yes, Aamir Khan. He is one of the most critically acclaimed actors of the Bollywood industry.

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Mary Kom dropped out of school midway and made her career in Boxing, going on to become India’s premier female boxer. She recently went back to complete her education though, proving she’s a knockout in the ring and out of it as well. She came into limelight after the Olympics-2012.

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