10 Indian Prawn Dishes That Are A Must Try

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Prawns, believed to be the most popular exceptional seafood, are celebrated as the hero ingredient in many regions of India. Fry it, steam it, lather it in rich gravies(coconut or any other), serve it with heads on or de-shell them completely, it is hard for one to not enjoy them in whatever form they are cooked. Fresher the prawns, better is the taste. Thanks to their delicious crustacean flavor that is unparalleled! Our varied Indian cuisines have found many ways to make this versatile seafood immensely delicious in different ways.

Here are some of the best prawn dishes from different parts of India that really stand out for both their delicious taste as well as uniqueness and is definitely a must try for all the prawn lovers. Let’s take a look!


This dish is considered to be the signature dish of Kerala. Fresh prawns are fried golden-brown and crisp in coconut oil, with the aroma of curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric and chillies. It is a perfect dish for the non-gravy lovers.

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This dish is a fusion of Maharashtrian cuisine, Konkan cuisine and Goan cuisine where seafood is mixed with spices and coconut. Served as a side dish, it goes best with rice. It is an absolute delight for all the spicy gravy lovers.

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This perfect starter dish is of Maharashtrian origin. The prawns are deep fried with a coating seasoned with ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, carom seeds and lime juice until golden brown.

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The Portuguese introduced this Goan cuisine to the coastal land. This fiery dish is cooked in a special masala paste which is prepared with a blend of spices, some vinegar and a dash of tamarind. Often known as Goan prawn pickle, it goes best with rice, rotis or ‘poi’.

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Also known as ‘Chingri Macher Malai Curry’, this dish is traditionally cooked in West Bengal. It is delicately cooked with subtle spices and coconut milk engulfing the flavors in the prawn curry. This authentic fragrant main course dish is creamy to taste, finger licking and can make one drool with its aroma. It goes best with steamed white rice, jeera rice or pulao.

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This authentic Bengali main course prawn dish is easy to make yet finger licking. The prawns or ‘Chingri’ are steamed in mustard sauce made from poppy seeds, mustard seeds, green chillies, and salt.

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Also known as ‘Gongura royyala’, this exotic dish is from the Andhra cuisine. The prawns or shrimps are cooked in thick tangy gongura sauce. Gongura or sorrel leaves is a high source of vitamin, iron, folic acid, and anti-oxidants. This dish is generally served dry or with gravy and goes best with chapatti or rice.

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This is a famous snack dish in which the prawns are marinated with Indian spices and are baked or grilled. The prawns are spicy, smoky and crunchy outside whereas, juicy inside. It can be served with any beverage.

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The prawns are cooked in roasted coriander seeds, carom, cumin and fenugreek seeds, bedgi and madras chillies along with tamarind paste and coconut. This dish is not heavy yet it is spicy and creamy.

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This is a North Indian recipe in which the prawns are cooked in a rich gravy. Coconut cream, yoghurt and egg are blended together to make a rich mixture spiced with chilli powder and turmeric. The dish is quite heavy but worth having it.

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