10 Reasons Why It’s Amazing To Date A Bong Girl

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An everlasting zest for life, unfathomably witty, affectionate and open-minded! No, we’re not describing ourselves, but Bengali girls.

All you men out there, if you’re lucky enough to have found one already, then you know how fascinating and marvelous it is to date a bong girl. For the rest of the single men out there who are still wondering what it is like to date a bong bombshell, here’s a list of 10 reasons why it’s amazing to date a bong girl!

1.Eyes on the eyes

Those big round alluring eyes!Bong girls are famous for their big marvelous eyes which could fit the entire macrocosm and can easily keep every man hooked to her.Prepare to be swoon.

2.She can rock both Indian and Western outfits

The way she dons Indian and Western outfits will astound you.She can pull off a saree as well as a sexy dress looking drop dead gorgeous.

3. A foodie to the core

You’ll rarely hear her say “I’m on a diet.” Mouthwatering home-cooked meals will be on your menu every other day.They have a very good appetite and they are not the skinny ones that think being skinny is the best treatment. They are never on a salad diet, they like to be amazingly beautiful from the inside and don’t really care about the outside. They are extremely appealing when it comes to looks and they are proud of not being skinny. In fact, it would not be entirely wrong to say that every Bengali, at some point, has fantasized about marrying a chef, just because we are very proud gluttons. It is also of paramount importance that you understand that we consider an outing wasted unless non-vegetarian food was involved. Don’t just take us out and say you want to eat tofu unless you want to end the relationship

4. She is a pool of talent

Singing, dancing, painting you name it, her parents have made her do it. And even in the hectic schedule, she manages to take time out for her hobbies.When you’re dating a Bengali, expect a great deal of music to fill your life. Because most of us are trained singers, we understand and listen to all kinds of music. For us, sharing the words and tunes that resonate with our soul, with someone we are attracted to is like foreplay. Music, to us, is about deep connections.

5. Entertainment Queen

Most Indians will say Punjabi girls are more extrovert and exuberant. That goes for Bengali Women too, except that they’re Ninjas. They keep you entertained even when they’re quiet… aami shotti bolchi!

6.Her natural caring instinct.

Bong girls are naturally caring and ready to take care of your little things so that you are always happy.They will take care of the smallest of things which might bother you. So, if you are dating a bong girl you will get another mother for yourself.she has a motherly caring instinct. So, no doubts about for feelings!

7.She Knows Perfect ShortCut To Reach Durga Puja Pandal.

She is a wonderful guide for Durga puja Tour in Kolkata. So if you want to save your time rather than waiting in the queue, this is actually a better option.You are going to find Durga Puja quite different when a Bengali girl is with you. You will experience a different level of enjoyment and traditions on the same occasion.

8.Want to Flatter Her – Gift Her a Book

Yes, guys! That’s it. They won’t bite your pocket asking for expensive gifts. Bengali girls are generally voracious readers of story books and novels. It is not difficult to bring a smile on her face. Half of your job is done if you gift her a good book

9.Say YES to Biriyani – Always

Image result for biriyaniShe can seriously overshadow your passion for Biriyani!A Bong girl is a food lover. She doesn’t believe in dieting at all.For them, BIRIYANI is an emotion. The smokey flavor that slow cooking of the coal brings in is stunning!

10.She probably has the coolest family EVER

You don’t have to fear the typical “hard-to-please dad” because most Bong dads are super cool.He is pretty chill and will befriend you in no time. Don’t let Vicky Donor fool you into thinking we stand in a corner, looking civilized during festivities while the Punjabis enjoy a drunken dance sesh. We do not need alcohol to go wild and create a racket. Our family members communicate by yelling at each other simultaneously, and yet somehow understand each other. This is our chaotic life, so get used to it.

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