10 Types Of Teachers You Find In College Life.

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When we’re in college, our life is highly affected by the types of people we deal with every day. Apart from friends and haters, even teachers play a vital role. Admit it!  we’ve all have to spend at least 3/4 years of our life despising them. Wherever we go, no matter what department we choose, they’re same everywhere.

1. The lazy one“Class, I have to complete some work. Do whatever you wish to.” No matter what time of the day it was, he is drowsy – always drowsy. No matter what time of the day it was, she was drowsy – always drowsy.Or else, he always searches for a reason for no class.Related image2. The Hawk– There was always this one teacher who, you thought, is spying on you. For some reason, everything you did is his business. Whether you are sitting in her class or fooling around with your friends in the canteen, whenever you turned around, there he was yelling “Which year? Which department? What are you doing here?”

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3. The Extra-Period– If she could be more enthusiastic, he’d be as hyperactive as a bunny. He was so passionate about his subject that he took hold of any and every ‘free period’ you got.  We can also call them “The  Enthu-Cutlet“.

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4. The Strict One– There were some teachers who made bunking difficult, and then there was the one who made breathing impossible. Whether it was talking to your friend in the class, or making a spelling mistake in your homework, there was only one punishment – death.

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5. The Gossip Manager– She was the reason why teachers who never even taught you hated you. Yeah, she bitched about you in the staff room all the time. Not just that, she even had her favorites in your class who would tell her all the gossip.

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6. The Crush– There are those kinds of professors on campus who, hopefully, won’t inspire you to shoot pizza out of your nose in a fit of sensory-overload. When they’re at the front of the classroom talking about chemistry, calculus, Shakespeare or German, suddenly your favorite subject is their respective field. You’ll see him or her walking about on campus and your heart will stop. It will be embarrassing and you will blush furiously during his or her office hours.

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7. The Comedian– Instead of teaching, this professor will load his or her lectures and lessons with “jokes” to keep the class engaged. None of them is funny. Every time he or she makes a joke, you feel apart of your soul wither and die. You’ll have the poor soul in the front who is dying for an “A” in the course who forces a laugh every time.

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8. The Sprinkler- There’s a reason why there is a ring of empty desks surrounding this professor or that the front row of the classroom is devoid of any life. This professor is a water fountain. When he or she speaks, words and knowledge are not the only things coming out of his or her mouth.There’s so much spit flying about. With the way his or her mouth fires it off, it’s amazing that he or she doesn’t take notice nor realize his or her students are literally fleeing to the back of the classroom.

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9. The Student- Yes, she is a teacher. No, she didn’t know a thing about the subject she teaches. One month into the year, she calls out the toppers to solve the math problem on the blackboard, for you and for herself. When you asked her what was the answer to “If I had 3 apples, and my friend took 1, how many will I be left with?”

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10. The Surprise Professor- This professor is truly, madly, and deeply in love with pop quizzes. Whether that be a math or reading quiz, he or she keeps hitting you with “tiny” little quizzes that “barely affect your grade” because he or she just wants to “gauge how the class is doing.” To add insult to injury, he or she concludes handing out the quizzes by saying that he or she “wants to reward the ones who are actually doing the work” – as if that’s supposed to make his or her students feel better.

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So, how did you like it? Did it remind you of your teachers in college life?

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