11 Things We Have All Done in Our School Lives

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Huge school bags, morning hymns, the nature table, the P.T classes, concerts, favorite teacher, first crush – aren’t these ringing a bell and bringing back the memories of your childhood days?
Yes! It is our schools where all our best childhood memories reside. From meeting our BEST FRIEND  and growing up with friends to all the mischief and pranks – these lifelong memories make school, a special place to cherish in everyone’s heart. Here we present a list of all those activities which every one of us have done during our school days and they are ought to evoke a sense of nostalgia within you!
Greeting “Good Mooooooorning Ma’am” as soon as the teacher walked in :

We might still wonder why we used to do that! A whole class of 40 on average going melodic early in the morning perhaps was a sign of more excitement and genuineness to the traditional way of greeting. This surely ended with a small duration of laughing and giggling on both the sides!

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Stuffing food in the middle of the class :

There has been many a time when a group of undaunted students have been asked to leave the class and severely punished after being caught mouth-filled with home-made appetizers before the lunch break. But while remembrance , every single person would say that it was worth it.

Passing chits to others :

Now, this was really fun!From messages of love to hilarious jokes, those notes contained what not! And by chance, if we got caught red-handed, either we were made to read out the note aloud or some severe acts of punishment would be taken. Those moments would really be a scary one but at the same time those turned out to create history!

Scribbling on desks and toilet doors :

Scribbling on desks was a way to portray the creativity! Pens, pencils, protractors, compasses all were used to showcase the talents. Figures, shapes, quotes, love messages, crush’s names all used to get beautifully carved. And toilet doors were the only hope during exams, where all those formulas, equations and answers would be written and those actually saved our lives!

 Mimic the teachers :

We considered this to be really daring and bragged about it most often if we could skillfully mimic any of our teachers, especially whom we disliked the most! And the back-benchers knew the joy of imitating the teachers during the class itself. The more adventurous ones even went up to the extent of drawing the respected ones!

Copying parent’s signature :

Often there used to be days when we would be instructed to show the signature of our parents on the previous assignments. The reasons of not getting signed by them may vary from forgetting to not even showing them because of the shameful grades, but the way of getting saved used to be the same! by copying them. Indeed a daring one too!

Take a detour from washroom to class :

A discussion would take place on whether each of us wanted to go back to the class or not! And it was expected that the unanimous decision would be choosing the longest way back to the class. Finally, after wandering through the long corridors and buildings when we reached class after 20 minutes, a severe rebuke with the punishment of standing outside was the only gift that awaited us. Did we become sad? Of course not! It was far more delightful for us to stand outside and talk among ourselves than attending those boring classes!

Trying to get out of the P.T Classes :

A crepe bandage was enough to get excused from this class. Probably even the teacher came to know that you tripped off and fractured your limbs for the umpteenth time! Also purposely P.T uniforms were not worn so that we could get out of this class. Most of the times our mission got successful!

Walk into the wrong class :

This happened quite a lot of times. Hopping into a class and then finally discovering that we ended up in the wrong one was not only hilarious but also embarrassing for some seconds!

Fall or trip off :

A very common as well as entertaining part of our lives was to fall down. Tripping off the staircase, fall down while rocking a chair and slipping off were regular activities. And remember the best part! We laughed at those who fell instead of helping them out and also laughed at ourselves when we fell down instead of crying!

Playing FLAMES during class :

Who cared about what was happening in the boring history class! Instead, we would concentrate on who would be our future soulmates. Yes, FLAMES determined our future at that time! Our young hearts really got excited about the ones with whom FLAMES determined an ‘L’ or an ‘M’. And we couldn’t stop ourselves from smiling if that ‘L’ or the ‘M’ was with our favorite one!*blush**blush*


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School life is indeed the best episode of one’s life. Perhaps you might get into a wonderful college or a university and a workplace. But none would give you the feeling of a HOME just like your school!


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