This Sci-Fi Short film made by College students is already winning hearts and will win yours too.

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So are you one of those people who spend their leisure time searching “Short Film” on youtube? And even better when those short films are based on Psychology, trippy ideas or time travel? Well then, you gotta watch this.

Sudipta Dash, a 2nd year Engineering Student has Written and Directed this Short Film. The Film is Titled ’12:23′. Seems odd? Well, there’s a twist in the name that you will get to know only after you watch the movie.

The movie is made on a minimum budget with no professional equipment. But, it has already been nominated for Best Script at Celluloid Film Festival, FIEM and has won the Runners-up Title at ‘Moving Pictures’ Competition at Eclecia 2017 and is all set for a release.

1223 short film

The Film’s Cast includes Saumik Sarkar, Debadrita Pal, Sayan Mondol. And the Crew includes some very talented people like Prithwijit Bhattacharya who has done the VFX, Editing & is the DOP. Composer- Sunny & Chandak, Videographers- Souvik and Mayuk and Audio Editor- Sayantani Saha.

Sudipta says the idea of making a short film came up when he was returning home from College discussing their future and he approached his friend who then agreed to it.

I had a story in my hand named “Saturday”. But due to our budget, I had to change it somehow to fit in zero budget. I was trying the whole day with different tricks and twists but even at midnight, I had nothing but a blank page. Being tired I was going to sleep. It’s my habit to check the time before going to bed so I checked and surprisingly it was “12:23” – and at the same time, a very strange story came to my mind. But I found it so irrelevant. Hence I searched Google for a suggestion and got news of very similar kind of incident faced by someone continuously for seven years. I got the new plot and combined everything.” says Sudipta.

So if you are a Sci-Fi Fan, make sure you do watch this movie as it is something that you won’t like to miss. ’12:23′ releases on Youtube on this Channel on 15th July 2017. Like their Page here on Facebook.

“The viewers will like to see our film because we are showing something different than mainstream short films – it has utopia, it has imagination and it has a puzzle waiting to be solved. We believe viewers will like it and enrich us with their valuable comments and support us so that we can keep on making short films.” – The “12:23” Team
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