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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Premiere of Chitthi is knocking at the door.

Are you ready for Chitthi. This is the age of short films. With Video streaming apps like YouTube being at our fingertips, more and more people are engaging with Independent Short Films made by Independent Film makers. Over the last 5 years, Short Films have

Federation Cup 2017 is here.

Federation Cup 2017: Presented by Federation de Sports Association. Federation Cup 2017 is round the corner as heavy weight teams from Kolkata gear up to have the mega faceoff. It will be some clash to cherish. The tournament is scheduled over 2 days- 15th and

IIEST Shibpur reduces dual degree course seats.

IIEST Shibpur has taken a major decision that may affect many engineering aspirants. After a recent decision by its Board of Governors on 10% dropping of seats for the admission intake of 2017-2018 session, to bring the down the number of seats to 585, The

5 Deadliest Snakes in Asia, Ranked!

A Tour around Asia to find it’s 5 Deadliest Snakes Snake bites..a terror to human-Still lot to know. We are terrified by snake bites in our locality, even when people travel somewhere we have heard a lot of stories about snakes biting people and their tragedy.But,

IEM-UEM Annual TechFest, Innovación is back!! Mark the dates!

The Annual Technical Fest of Institute of Engineering and Management(IEM) and University of Engineering and Management(UEM), Innovación is back!!!   IEM-UEM Innovación has a great history of being one of the best TechFests held in Kolkata. Not only students from all over India and several parts of