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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Top 10 Youtube Stars in India

00YouTube stardom is a new phenomenon in India. Sharp growth in internet connections, a surge in smart phone sales and the emergence of YouTube role models like AIB and The Viral Factory (TVF) worked as a catalyst. According to data, in India, every month some

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Vedika Breaks Another National Record

Maharashtra girl, Vedika Amin smashed yet another national record on day 3 of 33rd Glenmark Sub Junior Aquatic Championships. With a timing of 37.40 sec, Vedika broke the record of Monique Gandhi set in 2010. Kareena Shankta also from Maharashtra won silver clocking 38.31 sec.

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10 Simple Life Hacks

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci Everybody in today’s world is fed up with their life. Our lives have become really hectic and we all have to do the work like robots follow the given commands. At some point of time we

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মেহেতাবের নামে ডাকটিকিট?????

মেহেতাব,দীর্ঘ ১৪ বছর ধরে লাল হলুদের মাঝমাঠে ছোটখাটো শক্তপক্ত চেহারা নিয়ে একাই দাপিয়ে বেরিয়েছেন। এ এক অভিনব উদ্দোগ লাল হলুদের ঘরের ছেলে কে দিতে চলেছে, মেহেতাব ফ্যান্স ক্লাব এবং ভিশন অফ বেঙ্গল এর সহযোগিতায় কলকাতা ডাক বিভাগ, মেহেতাবের নামে ডাকটিকিট প্রকাশিত করতে চলেছে।৬ ই জুলাই

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How to be an Extrovert from an Introvert?

               We all have a complex personality which falls in continuum. There is evidence that your brain is hard-wired with your level of introversion or extroversion, but maximum of us falls in the middle of the scale. Depending on

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The Soldier

Down the valley lies the beauty, Deepens with the wounds on the chest, Perhaps crossed arms worshiping the deity, He serves himself as the best. The clotted blood reddens the valley, Memories with family behind the closed eyes, Today it ends what he used to

Woman Beaten Up By Male Officers In Prison

Indrani Mukherjee, ( former media entrepreneur, who has been in jail since 2015 on charges of murdering her daughter, Sheena Bora ) revealed the harsh of the jails of India. According to sources, Mrs. Mukherjee told a court in Mumbai that she and the other

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Spooky Kolkata House Turns Into A Shooting Locale!

233/A/4, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata-700092 – sounds familiar? Yes! this place was the scene of Kolkata’s most bizarre tragedy in recent memory- 3 Robinson Street. Now, it is the city’s newest shooting locale. The house has already hosted the shooting of a music video and

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Are You A Couch Potato?

This is a common term in this generation, rather a common problem. So lets understand what it actually means. According to the Oxford dictionary, the actual meaning of couch potato is a person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television. So

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The Nostalgic Gully Cricket

‘Gully Cricket’            On hearing the name,  what first comes in our mind is the childhood memories when we used to play outdoor cricket usually every day with a broken piece of wooden plank locally named as the ‘bat’ and a torn cricket ball. Neglecting

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Trees Older Than Jesus!

This is a well known fact that trees can live for many years. But, little do we know that there exist some trees that are older than Jesus. Scientists have found out their estimated ages by referring to the tree rings and also by radiocarbon