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Daily Archives: June 26, 2017

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Kylian Mbappe – The Wonder Kid

When searching for the next Thierry Henry, there are only two men that are allowed to pass judgement. And Arsène Wenger has already given 18-year-old wonder kid, Kylian Mbappe, his seal of approval. Wenger told French TV: “Mbappe is exactly, well not exactly Thierry Henry,

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RBI Shall Accept Old Currencies From The Banks

NEW DELHI: The government has now given the last chance to the district cooperative banks, commercial banks and post offices to deposit the banned old currencies with the Reserve Bank by July 20th, provided they were collected in time. After the shocking announcement of Demonetization,

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Travis Kalanick steps down as Uber’s CEO

Kicking him when he’s down: Causing more trouble to a person going through a crisis 21st June, a day of significance in the history of Uber. In the brief time it has been around, it has faced numerous challenges. Right from background checks on drivers

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Wonder Woman Made Wonders!

No wonder that “wonder woman” has been breaking the box office records hither and thither. The Amazon princess’ tale is set to create another box office record, as reported by Variety. On 23rd June it seemed to break the records of being the ‘highest grossing

7 Reasons Why Girls Usually Fear Proposing A Guy.

Loving and being loved is the most heavenly feeling on this Earth. But proposing your partner acts as the main bridge before coming into any relationship. No matter you are a guy or a girl, step forward and don’t expect them to know about your feeling