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Daily Archives: June 27, 2017

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The Nostalgic Gully Cricket

‘Gully Cricket’            On hearing the name,  what first comes in our mind is the childhood memories when we used to play outdoor cricket usually every day with a broken piece of wooden plank locally named as the ‘bat’ and a torn cricket ball. Neglecting

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Trees Older Than Jesus!

This is a well known fact that trees can live for many years. But, little do we know that there exist some trees that are older than Jesus. Scientists have found out their estimated ages by referring to the tree rings and also by radiocarbon

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Tubelight made audience “Tubelight”

On 24th of June 2017, Salman Khan’s most awaited movie of the year ‘Tubelight’ released in theaters. This movie is produced by SKF, Salman Khan films and directed by one of the best directors in Bollywood presently, Mr. Kabir Khan. The casting team included the

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GJM demands Gorkhaland

The crisis, that has now paralyzed India’s one of the most beautiful hill stations of India viz. Darjeeling seems to be the result of Gorkha Janmukti Mancha  (GJM)’s apprehension of the Mamata Banerjee government forcing bengali as the compulsory subject for school students in hills.

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The Transgender

It was 2 minutes to half past one. He was standing beside the garden looking at his friends playing football. Some of them were sitting together and having a random chat amongst each other whilst some were sharing their tiffin. As usual, he heard the