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Daily Archives: June 29, 2017

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How to be an Extrovert from an Introvert?

               We all have a complex personality which falls in continuum. There is evidence that your brain is hard-wired with your level of introversion or extroversion, but maximum of us falls in the middle of the scale. Depending on

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The Soldier

Down the valley lies the beauty, Deepens with the wounds on the chest, Perhaps crossed arms worshiping the deity, He serves himself as the best. The clotted blood reddens the valley, Memories with family behind the closed eyes, Today it ends what he used to

Woman Beaten Up By Male Officers In Prison

Indrani Mukherjee, ( former media entrepreneur, who has been in jail since 2015 on charges of murdering her daughter, Sheena Bora ) revealed the harsh of the jails of India. According to sources, Mrs. Mukherjee told a court in Mumbai that she and the other