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Daily Archives: July 16, 2017

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The story of the girl friends

“ Beer pass korna Tinika!” said Sukriti. “You both will never change,”  said Soumya. Three of them met after 3 years on the marriage of Soumya and Sagnik who are childhood lovers.The story starts where the trio and Sagnik along-with Sukriti’s fiancee sitting together at

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Marijuana Diet: How Weed Can Make You Slim!

If we think logically, most of us will automatically link smoking cannabis with weight gain because of the “munchies” that occur after smoking certain strains of it. But did you also know that different strains can have the opposite effect? For all the diet-crazed people out

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7 Unknown Places To Visit In India

Travelling is always fun, especially when you have a bunch of crazy friends. No doubt India has a variety of places to visit. But why not enjoy the beauty of some of the unexplored places? Listed below are some of the unexplored places which you

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The Truth Behind Popular Whatsapp Emoticons

We all have been using Whatsapp for a long time now and have kept up with with its latest updates which of course include a wide range of emoticons. These little images which have helped us to convey our overflowing emotions and feelings have sometimes