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Daily Archives: July 21, 2017

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World Became So “Numb”

The world lived with their voices Trying to imitate yours. The world learnt to enjoy With the rise of ‘Hybrid theory”. You made the nu-metal Rule the world Blazing billboard with The “Meteora “ rising above all. You made the world gain more speed As

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Unsent Texts To People Who Were Loved

Everyday we type so much and then backspace it all as if the backspace key was the pair of lips that seemed to seal what our heart wanted to say and our eyes wanted to hide. If we had sent these messages would things have been

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Their eyes met in the school campus during a program . Tithi was performing  with her classmate when Ravin saw her for the first time. In spite of the fact that they both were in the same school for years, they did not interact. Tithi