30 Least Known Facts About Kolkata!

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The word “KOLKATA” is not a Word, it’s an Emotion.

    It is said, “ You can take a Bengali out of Kolkata, but you cannot take  Kolkata out of a Bengali.”

Here are some lesser known facts about the “City of joy”, Kolkata, the perfect fusion of old world charm and modernity.

  1.       Kolkata is the 2nd   largest city of India, after New Delhi, with an area of about 185 sq. km.

 2.         Kolkata happened to be the second most important city after London, for the British rulers. It was also the capital of India till 12th December 1911, then it was shifted to Delhi.

3.         Besides “City of Joy”, Kolkata has also got some other names like: “City of Palaces”, “City of Processions” and  “Cultural capital of India”.

4.        Kolkata is the only city in India with handpulled rickshaws.

5.        Kolkata is one of the fewest city to have Trams.

6.       Almost after 2 decades  Kolkata started the metro railway system, Delhi had one, and Mumbai is still thinking of having one!

7.        Howrah is the busiest station in India, in terms of unique train on daily basis.

8.          Till 2006  there was no Kolkata Station, for mails and expresses, one had to board either from Howrah Station or Sealdah Station. The Kolkata Station, earlier referred to as Chitpur Station was a Railway  goods Terminal.

9.          Most of the Kolkatans, may hate to go to the Alipur Zoo. But, little do we know, that it is the oldest zoo in the country.

10.          Howrah Bridge has been the identity of  the city since a  long time , but what we may not know that it is one of the world’s largest cantilever bridge and the largest and probably  the  only  one in the country.

11.        The National Library is the largest public library in the country.

12.           Science City is the largest science centre in India.

13.           The Birla Planetarium in Kolkata is the largest planetarium in Asia, and the second largest in the world.

14.         The Indian Museum is the oldest and the largest museum in India.

15.       Calcutta Polo Club is the oldest one in the world.

16.       The Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the first  golf  club, outside the United Kingdom.

17.         After MCC: the Mecca of Cricket, Calcutta Cricket and Football Club founded in 1792, is the second oldest cricket club in the world.

 18.          The Calcutta Football League founded in 1898, is the oldest football tournament in the country, and the second in the world.

19.          Talking of football, India may take time to compete in the Football World Cup or host one. But, Salt Lake Stadium is surely ready to host one such, being the second largest football stadium in the world, in terms of capacity.

20.          Eden Gardens is the 3rd largest stadium in the world, having a capacity over 67,000 people.
21.             Calcutta Medical College or Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata was Asia’s second medicine college that taught European Medicine and was the first in Asia to teach European Medicine in English language.

22.             Kolkata is the only Asian Mainland city (except Tokyo and Kyoto), to have five brilliant scholars and Nobel laureates: Mother Teresa, Amartya  Sen, Rabindranath Tagore,  C.V. Raman and  Sir Ronald Ross.  And, Satyajit Ray being the first person to win Oscar in the country.

23.         Presidency College, Kolkata(now known as Presidency University), completed its 200 years, is South Asia’s oldest known institution for imparting western education.

 24.          Kolkata is a paradise for book lovers. It has the second largest second-hand book market in the world, where one can find the rare of the rarest books in the world. If you can’t find a book here, then it never existed.
 25.          Botanical Garden is the house of world’s largest tree. The Great Banyan Tree is 250 years old, and it’s circumference is 330 meters.

 26.        Kolkata is the birth place of fusion cuisine, which we now call as Indian-Chinese.

27.        Durga Puja is the most awaited and fascinating festival of Kolkata .  But, Kolkata stands out mainly because of its authentic traditions, and grand celebrations in more than 2000 puja pandals.

28.           After the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair, Kolkata Book Fair is considered as the largest accumulation of books! It’s Asia’s largest and the most attended Book Fair.

29.        Kolkata Book Fair is the world’s largest non-trade book fair.

30.    Khidderpore port is the oldest and the only riverine port in the country.

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