5 Reasons why Indians hate Snapchat!

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The recent whatsapp update fiasco led me to download one of those apps which is not that much used in India but is a craze in the US. But not many users on my contacts used Snapchat and even if they did, they were not regular on it. So this made me curious and the mind started looking for answers( Remember: Curiosity Killed the cat!) And with a little research(read “asking”) I got my answer. When asking “why don’t you use Snapchat?” to my friends, the reply usually would be “Are you a girl?“, “Are you mad???” and sometimes “bhai mujhe kutta nahi banna hai”(“Bro!! I don’t want to become a dog”) clearly pointing out the crazy(or fun) filters of Snapchat!


The purely lazy and analytical mind started working and listed out…

Top 5 reasons why INDIANs don’t like Snapchat!

5. The online social media in India works solely on the basis of self-validation.

5 Reasons why Indians hate Snapchat!

Let’s face it, social media platforms like Facebook and twitter are used by Indians mostly because they want to brag about themselves, their looks,  their achievements of any sort, or just their lifestyles(#Foodporn anyone?). But this self-validation depends, a lot on whether there are people to actually see your updates which for most people aren’t. So it creates a cycle of lack of Indian users on Snapchat!

5 Reasons why Indians hate Snapchat!


4. A very very clunky UI!

The first time my notification bar showed “Snapchat Installed“, I started having dreams of myself being a dog and everything, I was ready to have fun! But then, I was introduced to the clunky user interface of Snapchat. I consider myself Technologically sound! but I had a hard time figuring out the chats, the Snapcode, and the dog-face!!




3. Low internet speed!



This is strictly considering the Internet speed scenario in India. Wait!! Before you start yelling “ohh!!! you don’t have jio???” I wanna say, please be honest, Jio 4G doesn’t always deliver the “4G” speed and what a major problem was, Snapchat depended a lot on internet speed unlike its counterparts primarily because of the filter downloads.

2.  Memes

You can see memes on girls using “dog-face” filter and labelling them as “dumb”. This takes a negative toll on Indian snapchat users as they stay away from being labelled as one. Exceptions exist. a lot of them and we respect them!!

5 Reasons why Indians hate Snapchat!


5 Reasons why Indians hate Snapchat!

5 Reasons why Indians hate Snapchat!


1. This!

We all know this controversy made Snapchat popular in India more than anything else but we have to understand that during this, many people would’ve just opened Snapchat and used the filters, had a laugh and then just uninstalled it when they got bored.

But there are people who use Snapchat regularly amongst all the odds. We salute you for that!!





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