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The chances of making mistakes in the first “get-to-know-phase” of a relationship from both the sides are inevitable. But it is true that the major problem lies in the first approaches, especially for a boy. And most of the time, while running behind the girl of your dreams, you forget some of the repetitive mistakes that you commit, which finally lead to the ultimate loss of her. I being a girl can surely make you chaps perceive what we as girls hate been done from your side. Following are some of the intriguing errors that you consistently make and are probably unaware of them!

1.  Asking irksome questions

Okay, now this can be the height of stupidity when you ask some not only foolish but annoying questions like “So why are you single? You are so beautiful!” Do you even know what we immediately conclude the next moment? You are a bloke who believes that we girls are born with a DESPERATE need of a BOYFRIEND and all our work is to attract them with our looks and beauty! Is it a crime being single even if we are beautiful? Seriously, it is high time you get rid of this logic!

Very often you ask “tell me something about you that no one else knows!” Why don’t you just get it that even you fall into the same category of NO ONE? You should know that there are stuff which our best friends and parents can only have an access to. Just think of one valid reason for which we will open up to a person whom we hardly know for a couple of days or so. Stop asking such questions just for the sake of having a conversation! It is of no use.

2.  Being the NICE Guy

The first and foremost reason why you guys get rejected is perhaps pretending to be NICE. It doesn’t actually fetch you more marks for being extra sweet with us. What stops you from being your usual self? If you feel that you will be able to win a girl’s heart by these tactics, sorry bro, it isn’t happening! And that is what culminates into a pseudo-relationship. Girls do like drama, excitements, surprise and mystery. So stop being nice, because nice is boring.

3. Not having plans

It is true that girls nowadays are more independent and they have their own individual choices. But get this straight into your head that when it comes to a date or a hangout with you being her special one, she would like to go according to your decisions. After having planned for a date, do avoid saying “So where do you want to go?” or “You decide what to do”. Girls do dread these. If you are the one who has planned for something then feel free to decide on your own. We like that. We like watching you take the upper-hand. If we can do our part by getting ready for going out with you, then you too are expected to do your bit.And even if we come up with a plan, the worse happens when you immediately utter “I was thinking of taking you there, quite a nice place.” All your efforts to make us believe that you prefer feminist and independent girls drop down!

4. Over and under texting

It is my advice to all you fellows out there, always choose the moderate path for every step you take. Problems with texting are on a different level as her texting mentality and yours won’t match. So it is better to avoid the extremities. Sometimes when you text too much and are always available, it seems quite clingy. We do not entertain unwanted questions and it makes us infuriating. Again if your rate of texting is unbelievably low, then it might appear as if you are not interested. So keep all sorts of confusions and misunderstandings at arm’s length and go along well with her!

5. Obnoxious habits

This might be surprising, but it is the truth! Some of your appalling manners do make us feel unwanted. Dwindling around with your phone amidst a conversation is one of the most objectionable habits that you guys have. From checking message notifications to news updates, stay away from all of those while you are talking to her. Also, never ask her something with a lot of interest and then gradually sink down as soon as she starts speaking. That is not acceptable! Hold on your patience and listen to whatever she has to say until the end. Be a good listener.

6. Conversation about the species EX

And that is what makes the worst. What is the need of bringing up this topic? Where do all those famous quotes like “forget your past” and “live for the present” disappear? No one is interested to know what you did in your past and how your past dates would be like. And no credits in asking “tell me about your past”. We don’t even expect you to console us after having known about all our past matters. And what finally happens as a conclusion is that both of you end up in missing your EX. So from next time be careful and happily evade this topic.

These few guidelines are sure to bring about a change in your way of approach. Once you get aware of all, your DREAMGIRL is ought to become yours and there will be no chance of losing her. What are you waiting for? Go along and make her yours!

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