7 Changes that girls’ body experience after losing virginity.

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Ever since the body reaches adulthood, it experiences various hormonal changes. These hormonal changes most importantly include hormonal excitation which is stimulated when the individual is involved in various sexual activities – cuddle, hug or kiss.  When involved in sexual activities for long and staying virgin is a big no-no.

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Losing your Virginity is a big thing. Whether planned or unplanned, many of us certain idea of how our first time is going to be. No matter the first time be a real shit, but back there in the brain, it stays for lifelong. Interestingly, a study following 6,000 young adults by the Journal of Sex Research found that more women today are enjoying their first shot at sexual intercourse than ever before.

Once the intercourse happens, forget the pain but certain question arrives. The most importantly – What will happen next?  so, confusions out. Here are the changes that happen to your body, once you lose your virginity.

  1.  Breasts become firm.

Breasts might shoot up depending upon arousing level.  During and post sex, the tissues in your breast swell up and the blood vessels dilate leading to firmer breasts. If you are one who loves to have tighter, bigger and firmer breasts then enjoy being laid and relish the after-effects of losing virginity.

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2. Nipples become more sensitive.

Nipples are among the erogenous zones of the feminine body. During sex the blood circulation around the nipples increases and the muscular tension increases making them tender than usual. A slight touch, an erotic dream and you would see them respond tight. So those goosebumps and the hardness every time you feel aroused is here to stay.

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3. Delay in Period.

Sex involves various changes in our hormones which may delay in your monthly cycle, but this doesn’t stand as an alarm to pregnancy. If you got involved in unprotected copulation, then you may experience a headache, nausea and also delay in your period by a week or two. In that case get the pregnancy test.

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4. Vaginal and Clitoris Changes.

After having sex, the vaginal walls become more flexible and the elasticity increases if the individual gets involved in regular sex. The elasticity increases ensuring painless sex and over some time, women can also enjoy sex with pleasure and penetration would not feel pain.

When the body gets used to sex, the clitoris also responds well to the sexual arousal.

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5. Unusual Bleeding May Occur.

Hymen tearing during penetration may occur which may lead to bleeding in case of few women. This may also be false in terms of many. The bleeding may not occur if the hymen is broken before penetration, this is possible of the lady is involved in various sports.

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6. Mood Swings.

Emotional outbursts are experienced after losing your virginity. Call it good orgasm that releases oxytocin- that makes you happy. Along with good hormones body also releases dopamine that boosts self-confidence as well as encourages the good social behaviour. After sex due to the continuous release of hormones, one experiences extremities of emotions.

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7. Glowing Skin. 

After all kind of negative changes, the only positive change that happens to you is the release of good hormones which makes you happy and feel good, which eventually becomes the reason for your glowing skin.  The relaxed body paves your way to the healthy and glowing skin.

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So ask yourself, are you ready to see the above-laid changes in your body? If yes, then go ahead and get laid. Happy “virgin broke“.

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