7 Websites Where You Can Learn Programming For Free

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You no longer think of programming as a skill only people who want to become professional programmers. Learning Programming, as it can be seen, is becoming more of a trend in people. Or you maybe someone who wants to learn programming to open up your business or have a better shot at jobs. Whatever may be your reason, you definitely want to start learning programming.

You do not burn a hole in your pocket to learn programming. You don’t even need to go out. All you need is a working internet connection, a computer and a little pinch of dedication and you can be learning to code from the masters of programming by the masters of coding. These 7 websites will teach you programming for free:


1. CodeAcademy

Probably the most popular site up there to learn programming, CodeAcademy is a place where more than 24 million people have learnt coding. They offer various courses of programming including  HTML & CSSJavaScriptjQueryPHPPython and Ruby. So go get started.


2. Coursera

This Educational for-profit website was made in 2012. There are a lot of courses where you can pay and get yourself certified. But they also offer a lot of free introductory courses in various specializations from universities such as the University of Washington, Stanford, the University of Toronto and Vanderbilt.

3. edX

Want to learn to code at Harvard or MIT? Well then do it at the convenience of your room. edX offers a free course: Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University. Go learn from the best.

4. Udemy

Used as a primary source by people to increase their job skills, Udemy is a place where you can learn programming from various paid and free courses available which are taught in interactive video lessons.


5. aGupieWare

An independent app-developer surveyed various computer science courses from the leading institutions in the USA and created aGupieWare. It then created a similar curriculum based on the free courses offered by Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley and Columbia. The program was then broken into 15 courses: three introductory classes, seven core classes, and five electives.

While you won’t actually receive credit, it’s a perfect introductory program for prospective computer programmers.


6. GitHub

Any student knows l how many times she has to recall a reference book when she is stuck with something, That is GitHub for you.  You can find more than 500 free programming books that cover more than 80 different programming languages on the popular web-based Git repository hosting service, which means that it’s frequently updated by collaborators.


7. MIT Open Courseware

Mainly for the people who have passed to beginner stage of Coding and who want to go forward, take advantage of MIT’s free courseware site that includes classes such as Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Introduction to Programming in Java and Practical Programming in C.


Special Mention: 99Guru.com

This is one of the simplest and comprehensive websites for learning PHP.

The tutorials of 99Guru are created by a Rackspace veteran. The course covers

  • PHP Basics like Introduction, Installation Guide, Data Types, Variables, and Operators.
  • It also introduces Control structures, Functions, Strings, Regular expression, Error Handling, Cookies & Sessions.
  • 99Guru also touch on advanced topics like PHP mail, MySQL Functions, Security, XML Parser, and Create PHP Application.





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