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A Long Wait

The chilling temperature of the campus was not entertained by any of the mess residents who were inside the dorms enjoying the heater along with friendly gossips, with fine puffs of cigarettes and weed.. nothing new to the students of the present generation. But none

Alcohol: An Enigma

Most of us are aware of the disadvantages or rather the harmful effects of alcohol consumption. When we allow someone to consume alcohol we ask him to keep the amount moderate. It sounds like a two-way message! Well, drinking alcohol may offer some health benefits,

Undefined Love

What is love? A very common question which is asked by a lot of people. But can anybody ever define love? Personally, I feel no. Love has different definitions for different people for some it is happiness for some it is a priority and for

Surpanakha – The Story Untold

That character of Surpanakha, the much-reviled character depicted in many a Ramayana version as an ogress, foul-mouthed, hoarse-voiced, one with coppery hair, amply endowed on the upper deck and capable of changing forms at will. She was the dark one with long and sharp nails,


2018 is filled with long weekends in almost every month of the year. Everyone needs to spend some time amidst undisturbed nature. And there are some amazing places in the nooks and corners of our own state West Bengal which are perfect for relaxation. So

VIVO IPL 2018 Schedule

              DATE                                                           MATCHES 5/04/2018               

Supriya Devi – The Ever-Popular Bengali

Veteran Bengali film actor and Padma Shri awardee, Supriya Choudhury (Devi) passed away at her South Kolkata residence on Friday ( January 26, 2018) following a massive heart attack. She was 85. Supriya Devi is survived by her daughter Soma, from her marriage to Bishwanath

Top 10 Tech of CES 2018

Like every year, CES- The Consumer Electronics Show, the most awaited annual tech event,  was held in Las Vegas throughout the month of January, where technical giants presented their new techs, and soon to release products. I have listed few of the most innovative ideas that came


Movies are one of the best media to motivate someone to start something.There are many awesome movies that inspire us to follow our heart, take difficult but important decisions.Sometimes just a movie of 1.5hr. can change our life totally.As example movies like 3idiots, Taare Zameen