Brazil : The Rise of a New Generation

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The 9th night of July in 2014 witnessed what can be arguably claimed the darkest night in Brazilian football history as the 5 time World Cup winners suffered a horrendous 1-7 defeat in the hands of Germany, who eventually went to become the Champions.

It was assumed that Brazil’s superiority over World football had come to a full stop as even after a couple of years, in Copa Centanario America, they had to bow out from the Group Stages. This erupted huge discussions and debates among all the football lovers around the globe. Immediate actions were taken as Dunga, former captain of Brazil was fired from his post of coaching Brazil and the Federation decided to give the national responsibility to veteran Tite who had won Club World Cup with Corinthians back in 2012. These reinforcements helped Brazil to regain their former self and they gradually, they again got back their golden touch by becoming the first team apart from hosts Russia, to qualify for the 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup.

Today, Brazil is the top-ranked country in current FIFA rankings and have currently finished their 2nd round match with a struggling win over Costa Rica. Barcelona midfielder Phillipe Coutinho and Brazil’s poster boy Neymar Jr. were on the scoresheet as Brazil registered their first victory in the tournament after a 1-1 stalemate against Switzerland in the 1st round match.

This is a Brazil team which doesn’t play mesmerising football like their predecessors but what they long for is goals and wins. They starve for win and try their fullest until the final whistle is blown. That’s the main reason of their win against Costa Rica today at St. Petersburg, Russia. The win took them to a comfortable position to qualify for the Knockout Stages of the tournament with the possibilities of ending as number one in the table.

We hope this resurgence of Brazil National Football Team continues and they end up winning the World Cup which’d be their 6th time out of the 21 times they played – the most by anytime in the competition’s history.

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