A Long Wait

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The chilling temperature of the campus was not entertained by any of the mess residents who were inside the dorms enjoying the heater along with friendly gossips, with fine puffs of cigarettes and weed.. nothing new to the students of the present generation. But none of these seemed to be suiting for Rehnesh.

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Around 10 pm, he already completed his dinner and went out of his hostel building, putting on a heavy jacket. Homesick and missing his parents for a long time, he kept walking thinking about mom and dad.

He picked up his phone, dialed his mom’s number. His mom picked up “Bubun, so late at night, what are you doing? Why didn’t you call in the afternoon?”. “Mom, there was a workshop going on it was extended a bit. I came out and forgot. Have you taken dinner?”, Rehnesh replied. “Yes. What about you?”. Rehnesh was overwhelmed because he was waiting to tell his maa that he was coming home next evening. “Mom, I have something to tell. Will you be at home tomorrow?”. Mom said “Why what has happened bubun? Ya, I will be at home. You need anything?” Rehnesh said “Mom, I will come home for a week tomorrow!! We have got a break this week. Mom, I will be home this time tomorrow.”.. Rehnesh’s mom went dumbstruck and at the moment his dad took the call and said “Why haven’t you slept yet, Bubun? Don’t you have a class tomorrow?” Rehnesh said, “Dad I am coming home tomorrow!
His dad was overwhelmed and after a few talk, they hang up.

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The next day Rehnesh’s dad went to the market to buy mutton as his mom wanted to cook Bubun’s favorite Mutton curry. They already planned a lot of things and informed Rehnesh’s grandma too, who was happiest to see his grandson after many months.

Rehnesh was supposed to call home when he left the campus, but his parents received no call. Perhaps the tower was down. Or maybe their Bubun forgot to call as always. They also did not call him thinking he must be getting into the train or he may be crossing the road. The curry was nearly prepared and his dad has already bought another little Pierre Cardin pen for Rehnesh. It was 3 PM, 2 hours late than expected. They kept on calling him but his phone barely rang.

He must have been in a traffic jam. Maybe his train is stuck and uff these mobile networks these days.. disgusting!”, his mom said.

5 PM: Rehnesh’s parents called the railway enquiry and they were shocked that the train reached the station at the perfect time!

6 PM: A call came to Rehnesh’s dad’s mobile. “Hello, am I speaking to Vikash Padhwan? Rehnesh’s father?”. “Yes. Who is it?” his dad replied.

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I am a professor of his department. I called you so many times but it was engaged. I had something to inform”. Dad said “Ya sir. What is it? Rehnesh was coming home today he told us.” Professor was a little silent then replied “Can you come to our campus tomorrow as soon as possible? Rehnesh was hit by a truck on his way to the station. We found his body on our way to the market. Sir, we are really sorry and we can’t express our words. Please come tomorrow.

Rehnesh’s father was shocked, his phone slipped off his hands. His mom was staring confusedly. Having nothing to say his dad was struck by a thunder. The mutton curry’s delicious smell filled up the room still waiting for Rehnesh to come.

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