Addition of Addiction : Are you The Addicted One?

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What are you addicted to- Cigarette, Alcohol, Hookah or Bong?  or these are the kinds of stuff oldies are fond of? yes, because we differ from the so-called “uncles” for the pieces of stuff we are kind-a-enslave of. when you think of harmless addictions, don’t you remember the phrase used by our mother- phone ta te agun lagiye debo!

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” ei mobile ta e hocche shob noshter gora”-   as predicted by our pujniyo matashree that smartphones are the root of everything, no matter good or bad. Likewise, smartphone and internet together serve to be the root cause of “new days addiction”. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram being on the top of the list followed by snapchat. Yes, you got it right! the same app which made many of our friends believe that they would look better  “dog”, “cat” or “rabbit” rather than human beings (P.S. I do not snap). 

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Apart from these chit chatting apps we also have apps for foodies. Swiggy, zomato, food panda, Burp- connects us from the least to the best restaurants in the city. These keep the food lovers busy scrolling the new restaurants and also their best dishes and what can be better than a biriyani combo at least price?

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Coming up next, we have some of the most used .coms-,,,,, Although the surfer of the .coms  is categorised on various grounds. Also, we have the shopping websites-,,,, that attract us with their ” end of reasons sale”.

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Uplisted are only a few names that we are enslaving.  likewise, there are many more which includes computer games among which COC, CS, PUBG, FIFA, Candy Crush and there are many more. The person involved with COC may forget his meal but never forget about where to attack and when to attack.

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Let me conclude with an interesting fact that many of us are also so-called addicted to UBER and OLA.  Cab service proofed to be the silver lining especially when we are running out of time or maybe we are returning after a meet over.

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