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AIB has managed to be in the headlines yet again, but this time for all wrong reasons. AIB comedian Utsav Chakraborty was accused of sending explicit images to a number of women on social media. The Twitter user who made the allegations started a thread condemning Chakraborty’s misconduct with women especially minors. On the other hand, Utsav who had admitted sending explicit images to women on social media has denied the allegations that he had sent any images to minors. Following this harassment controversy, other AIB comedians have come under the scanner. Now AIB co-founders Tanmay Bhatt and
Gursimran Khamba has been accused of mental harassment by an anonymous woman, who knew them on a personal level. Following the allegations, AIB has put them on leave and relieved them of their duties until an investigation is done. 

This is not the first time that AIB is involved in any controversy, the ‘obscene’ roast, mocking Lata Mangeshkar and Tendulkar and PM Modi meme are a few to name. 

It is quite ironic that people who are involved in broadcasting content which mainly talks of women empowerment and strictly reprimands women harassment are accused of demeaning women. But, denouncing AIB as a whole would also be wrong. So, let’s not jump to any conclusion and wait for the outcome and let’s hope that only the truth prevails.

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