Anual Techfest of IIT Kanpur, Techkriti is no less than a Paradise of Innovation!

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Fiction is an art and art is triumph over chaos…….to celebrate a world that lies spread out around us like a bewildering and stupendous dream –John Cheever

Did you ever ponder the thought of living in a dream world? The answer is an obvious yes. Every one of us has at least once thought of a world of one’s own imagination.The place where we make our fictitious things possible; where we change our imaginable things to facts.The smartphones, the internet, cars and everything that one relies on completely today, were a dream for some. The important assets of our awesome life have been an imagination or dream of many people at some point in the past.We indeed are living someone’s fictitious life. Truly said, life is a dream and our astounding life was a dream.

Fact v/s Fiction


Ever wondered what life would be without the internet? This is even beyond our imagination.It is unimaginable for anybody today to know the feeling of draping oneself in a garb of leaves when all one wears are highly processed fabrics. Imagine a cave man in Stone Age, continuously gazing at the forest fire. A thought strikes his mind. He thinks of, how can he calm the fire and control it. The thought then passed and progressed in many minds over years and decades.And look now, we have tempted fire. This untamed fire is so well controlled that it is being used by every one of us, even in our homes.The case is not only with fire, but everything that surrounds us today.  Nobody among us can even think of living without their cell phones. The idea of phones was derived from the need of communicating with people miles away. And today we have developed so much that we can even video chat with people sitting far off. Everything you can think of, that surrounds us today, just started with an imagination

Mindful of the above, we get the fact that how time has evolved; how people have developed.To surprise and euphoria, cognitive human psychology appreciates the fact that brains evolve the way they want to or in the direction they choose. The idea is that at some point time, one thought of something that was just an imagination to him. The thought was then passed to others and progressed in different minds.Passed from generation to generation; the idea was a reality decade later. The proposal is that the thought is carried over the time and people change their way of thinking and processing things to make fiction a possibility. It is this fact that outstandingly explains that minds make headway they are made to. Like decades earlier, people thought of something like robots but this was possible only a few years back, briefly, describes how our brain makes progress and fictions are changed into facts.

Everything has changed now.Fictions are facts; Dreams are reality; future is now.This all can be experienced in TECHKRITI’17.This time techkriti has come up with a similar theme, Factualising Fictions. Where one can see how the world has evolved and imagination has turned into reality.One can get acquainted with the thrilling experience and see his dream getting wings. Techkriti being Asia’s largest technical and entrepreneurial festival lies in the soul of IIT KANPUR. This 4-day festival includes all technological, entrepreneurial and business related events. The festival is managed by the students of the institute. Being an attractive place for participants not only from India but also from abroad, it has an average footfall of around 40,000. This time it is dropping its anchor from 23rd march to 26th march.

Techkriti gives best exposure to the growing young talent in colleges and institute across the country. It encourages the purest form of innovation. Here, raw intelligence is given a precise direction of thoughts. This event never fails to ignite the young minds with innovation. Techkriti not only cheers the  confidence among youth but has deepened its root at school levels also .TOSC(Techkriti Open School Championship ) is a  perfect platform for the school students to explore their talents and test their thinking abilities on best level. This time, it is being conducted in 17 cities across the country to encourage the growing talent in every part of country.

The techno- bonanza festival comprises of various nip and tuck competition in numerous fields such as Electronics, Robotics, Aero modeling, Astronomy, Coding, Design and Online Events too. Techkriti is a great deal for youth heading towards marketing world or business .This event includes competition as battlefield, marketing villa, by the tycoon, business  venture, social track, presentations and many more. One can give best exposure to his representing and communication skills. Guest lecture by esteemed personalities who are well established in their work field, are no less in guiding the students. Along with inspiring students, they flare up the inner will of students to innovate new things and guide them in right direction. The previous editions of Techkriti have experienced the shower of knowledge from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Richard Stallman, Douglas Osheroff and many more. This year pre fest talk was given by Prof. Richard Muller. During the fest personalities like Rajat Sharma(Journalist), Andrea Mocellin(car designer audi), Ashish Chauhan (CEO, Chairman, BSE), David Reitze (Ex director LIGO) will be joining us.

Besides the ferocious and cut throat competitions, Techkriti holds one of the biggest exhibitions. Techkriti wants to fill everyone visiting with a thrilling experience. Exhibition does this by putting forward the diverse genres from all over the world , giving goose bumps. This year’s exhibition will include Puzzle Box Office (USA), Holus, Holographic Tabletop Display(USA), Drona Aviation(India) and  OTO (Germany), Hyperloop(India). Keeping aside these dreadful talks and events, Techkriti is full of fun events too.  Techkriti’16 marked is end on a enjoyable note with the Farhan Akhtar night .EDMs, fire show and informal events took the fun to its peak and embarked the students and giving another edge to Techkriti. This year Sonu nNigam will be adding charm to the festival by his performance on the last day of the fest.


Techkriti is here again to enthrall everyone up and make one feel the technology at its best. Where innovation is at its perfection, where intelligent and logical minds brain come together and astonishing results are foreseen. Techkriti is the place you can see your fictions changing into facts .Techkriti’17 promises everyone, these 4 days to be most innovative and inspiring days .Beyond doubt, everyone will be filled with some innovation, motivation and inspiration . Plenty of knowledge and information is waiting for everyone of us  .Its bigger and better than ever .So tight your belts, pull up your socks and fill in larger breathe and get ready for best time of your life .TECHKRITI’17


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