Are Indians Hypocrites?

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I always had a casual but cautious approach towards socialization. People, who met me for the first time, would say this boy is not much matured, he has not seen the life outside, he’s not formal, etc. But the reason I intend to show this kind of attitude to others is that I want to know who they really are. This approach brings them into their comfort zone where they show me their beliefs, thoughts, and perspectives towards life. I like to know how many different kinds of people are there, know how many different types of mind exist, talk to them, and cultivate them. Till date, I came across many different minds, some who were extrovert, and some who loved to live care free, some who were difficult to talk with, and most who were hypocrites. Therefore, today I am going to talk about some hypocrite ideas that are practiced in India.

Casteism is an issue, only when affected:

Thoughts on cast discrimination play a huge role, to prove hypocrisy still exist in India. We Indians say that our city must not be discriminated by their cast creed or skin color, but some find it difficult to accept a lower cast boy, as their daughter’s husband. Some still preach, that marriage is a practice that must be performed within the same community. Then there is the biggest agenda of discrimination, reservation, which is a government initiative to uplift the poor, majority of which are of the lower cast. They say, these people are getting a job because of their cast, and they don’t have any talent. But how do you know if they are more talented than you? Then there exist those people who take undue advantage of this reservation. Although they are equally financially stabilized like higher class, they try to avail these benefits, devoiding a more talented aspirant for the job. So it is evident, that when you are benefited by cast discrimination you will support it, but when you are not, you’ll revolt it.

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People revolt against corruption, but they ignore their own duties:

They say, politicians are corrupt, but forget who elected them. They say, our law enforcers are corrupt, but when we break a traffic signal, we hand them a 100 rupee note to settle the matter. They say the administrators are fraud, but when it comes to speed up our process of sanctioning a law paper, we pass a suitcase worth heavens, under their table. We complain that there is pollution everywhere, our government is not taking proper steps to keep our city clean, and then we forget that we call it our city, which means we also have a responsibility to keep it clean.

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We stand against rape but never accept its victim:

When we see the someone, a victim of rape, we start showing our regret. We light up candles, stand in front of the Gate Way, show our grief and anger. When it comes to accepting that victim in our society, we feel ashamed. We start ignoring him/her(to this point I should say, men, can also be a victim of this crime, which means sexual assault) and let that person feel alone. We don’t realize that this attitude may even cost that person’s life. We never realize that we may unknowingly commit a murder. If we can accept a porn celebrity, then why can’t we accept a rape victim?

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We often forget the real meaning of feminism:

It means advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes. It supports equality of all sexes, but when it comes taking advantages, we find it difficult to resist. We ask a man to sit in the front seat of an auto-rickshaw when we are fit to do it ourself. It is seen frequently, that a woman carrying a heavy bag, or carrying a baby in her womb, is not offered a place to sit, not even by her own sex. We preach women empowerment, but never mind to take a step to stop that little girl, rather any child from working as day labor. You know, sometimes we must stop and think, whatever we are doing, are we doing it to get successful, or are we doing it to make this world a better place to live in?

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The biggest controversy, Act 377:

 Love is a feeling that can happen to anyone, for anyone. It is a feeling of oneness. In love there is no ‘you’ or ‘I’, there is only ‘we’. We often say this kind of love facts and try to spread the feeling of love, or just impress a girl. But when we see a couple where both are of the same sex, we start pointing fingers.

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These were the few facts, that asks you to wake up. We are human beings, the most intelligent animals of the world, and we don’t try to make this world beautiful, then who will? Questions are put in front of you guy’s, and you are its only answer. Don’t forget to put your self in the right place, otherwise, you will regret, and ask yourself the same questions again and again.

Good Morning Readers. Have a wonderful day ahead!

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