Are You A Couch Potato?

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This is a common term in this generation, rather a common problem. So lets understand what it actually means. According to the Oxford dictionary, the actual meaning of couch potato is a person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television.

So this only concept brings to your mind the image of a lazy, unkempt and overweight person. It is unfortunately true; it’s been shown that the more you stick to watching TVs, the higher the risk for overweight or obesity. Also it’s a long-held belief was that television junkies weighed more because they snacked more while glued to the TV.

It is a very common phenomenon these days, especially seen among the children and the homemakers. Nowadays, the children are more attached to gaming on consoles inside the house rather than enjoying outside on the real field playing or exercising. Also it is seen that they tend to eat more junk food which adds to the problem. Also in case of homemakers, they tend to watch the TV serials after their tiring day of work at home and there is a deficit in their exercise as well.

So what actually happens when you sit or lay down for an extended period of time? 

  • Immediately after sitting your calorie burning rate drops 1 calorie per minute while you sit. This means that if you sit for an hour you burned 60 calories less that hour than if you were standing. 
  • Your muscles weaken as electrical activity within the muscles diminishes. If you are immobile and are laying or sitting for a 24-hour period, a 40 percent reduction in glucose uptake in insulin occurs, which can eventually cause and lead to type 2 diabetes.
  • You gain weight as your cells become more fatty. The body increases plasma triglycerides (which are fatty molecules), LDL cholesterol (known as ‘bad cholesterol’), and insulin resistance; so your body begins to produce more insulin, which stresses your Liver and Pancreas.
  • If you sit 6 hours per day or more you can experience all the symptoms such as cholesterol, weight gain, insulin resistance and in women a decrease in bone mass by 1% per year.

A recent study found that men who reported spending two or more hours per day sitting in front of a television had twice the risk of having a heart attack or cardiac “event” than the men who reported watching less television. And men who said they spent four or more hours being sedentary had a 50% higher chance of dying from any cause.What’s more alarming is that more and more research is finding that the detrimental effects that prolonged leisure time has on your body can’t be “canceled out” by exercising, even if you do vigorous exercise such as running or cycling.

Being healthy not only involves eating a whole food organic diet but being active. If you are living a sedentary lifestyle with a lot of sitting try these ideas

  • Get yourself out of the chair or couch
  • Hit the gym
  • Always exercise on Monday
  • A two-day break from workout is not on
  • Working out energizes you
  • Start walking
  • Home routines can be a replacement of gym work-out
  • Some yoga can also be good
  • Control your diet
  • Be more social
  • Find another hobby to keep yourself busy

So don’t be a couch potato anymore, rather go out in the open environment and enjoy the outside nature and explore the beautiful world.

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