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PTC Sites: 6 Top Paying PTC Sites

Pay To Click or PTC Sites are a great way to earn money online. Through PTC Sites, Though the money earning is not big, the Earning to Effort ratio is very good. This way of earning money online is time tested and the Earning to

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Are 2000 Rupees Notes coming out in India?

If you’ve been surfing through all the happenings of the Social media, there’s a high chance you’ve come across these pictures of new 2000 rupees notes. Are these Pics of 2000 Rupees Notes Real? The pictures of the notes went viral on Twitter on Saturday

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5 Movies You Should Not Miss This Pujo!

Whoa Whoa!!! Pujo is Here and all of us Bengalis are Hyped as hell!! And amidst all these plans of Pandal Hopping, there’s always a plan to watch a movie… But it is a tough decision sometimes as all these great entertaining movies are coming