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7 Cool Websites We Are All Crushing On

With the growth and popularity of Facebook in the recent years, many startups got a tremendous boost as well. These websites and pages provide us with the latest news, gossips, humour, advice and light reading that we all look forward to in our leisure times

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Unsent Texts To People Who Were Loved

Everyday we type so much and then backspace it all as if the backspace key was the pair of lips that seemed to seal what our heart wanted to say and our eyes wanted to hide. If we had sent these messages would things have been

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The Truth Behind Popular Whatsapp Emoticons

We all have been using Whatsapp for a long time now and have kept up with with its latest updates which of course include a wide range of emoticons. These little images which have helped us to convey our overflowing emotions and feelings have sometimes

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10 Types Of Girls You Will Meet In College

College life is pretty exciting especially with new people to interact with everyday. There is hardly any doubt that the “girls at college” are perhaps the most interesting human beings lurking around in corridors, classrooms and canteens and here is a list of some of

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The History of “Hmm”

  H’m [hmm] Interjection Used typically to express thoughtful absorption, hesitation, doubt, or perplexity. In short, it is the nuclear weapon for ruining a sentence. The only good thing about getting a “hmm” as a response is that the person has listened to you and