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“Kuch Ishq Kiya, Kuch Kaam Kiya”

In an industry that talks, walks and exudes glitz and glamour, it is hard to find voices that do not identify with the same. This is because either they eventually lose out to the sparkling façade that is Bollywood and enlist themselves in the race

Various Competitions Of Techkriti ’18

With every passing second, the start of India’s leading technical and entrepreneurial festival, TECHKRITI, conducted by IIT Kanpur, is getting closer. Techkriti hosts a plethora of competitions, lectures, exhibitions, and shows. The most important parts of this fest are the many competitions which are full

Why We Love Techkriti

When innovation beckons, innovators respond. And what better call of innovation than Asia’s largest technical and Entrepreneurial festival, Techkriti. Techkriti has been a premier platform for technological breakthroughs and has been lauded by dignitaries such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, mathematician Vlamidir Voevodsky, NASA’s ex-astronaut

The 5 Most Expensive Music Videos Of All Time

Of all the expensive music videos made over time, the top five are created by only two artists: Michael Jackson and Madonna.This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as those two legends are some of the only ones who would have enough clout to rustle up millions

Legendary Roger Federer

There are many whom the world considers as ‘Great‘ and those who are seen as ‘Legends‘ in their respective fields. But very few emulate their greatness outside the sphere of what they’re good at doing. Roger Federer is one such remarkable legend. Undoubtedly renowned as

How To Find Your Passion For Anything

There’s a big myth in our culture: that passion can only be spontaneous. You either love your job or you don’t. You either enjoy exercising or hate it. You are interested in reading books or you find them boring. That passion can’t be forced or

How To Move On After A Betrayal

  It’s easy to forget that emotional pain can hurt as much as physical pain. When you’re hurting and have been hurt by someone, it often feels as if you’ve taken a punch to the gut or a stab to the heart. And once you’re

10 Reasons Chocolate’s Good for You

You read that right! The smooth, sweet, irresistible guilty pleasure can be part of a healthy diet! There’s a reason that chocolate inspires gotta-have-it cravings for so many of us, perhaps more than any other food. It’s good for you. Researchers have found that Phytochemicals

Kylian Mbappe – The Wonder Kid

When searching for the next Thierry Henry, there are only two men that are allowed to pass judgement. And Arsène Wenger has already given 18-year-old wonder kid, Kylian Mbappe, his seal of approval. Wenger told French TV: “Mbappe is exactly, well not exactly Thierry Henry,

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