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Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles

It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits Most of the wealthy people love to buy costly things to express their huge wealth. And it seems that bikes remain one of the top attractions for rich celebrities and they are especially

Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage

Well,  all of us have heard or are going to hear this in a few years – Maybe you should think to settle down now. And you might be thinking to tell your parents about your special friend or waiting to see who will be the

Five Ways To Overcome Insecure Feelings

“It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams”   – Vin Diesel Well, insecurity according to the dictionary is the uncertainty or anxiety about oneself or the lack of confidence. In fact, it is an emotion which shapes

Do You Know Everything About Bill Gates?

Bill Gates, a businessman, an investor, a philanthropist, and the co-founder of Microsoft, hardly needs any introduction. Since founding Microsoft along with Paul Allen on April 20, 1975, Bill Gates has transitioned from a workaholic CEO to a philanthropist funding projects that would help the

The Magic of Coffee

Coffee is a language in itself                                           – Jackie Chan Most of us like to have a cup of coffee daily. But we don’t think

10 Simple Life Hacks

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci Everybody in today’s world is fed up with their life. Our lives have become really hectic and we all have to do the work like robots follow the given commands. At some point of time we

Are You A Couch Potato?

This is a common term in this generation, rather a common problem. So lets understand what it actually means. According to the Oxford dictionary, the actual meaning of couch potato is a person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television. So

Haunted Places In Kolkata

Kolkata is known as the city of joy. But the city of joy has some dark secret places which are to be revealed. Among the hustle and bustle of this city lie some haunted places. Here are the haunted places in Kolkata which will make

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