Avengers Infinity War: Will It Be The Fall Of The Mighty Heroes?

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“Avengers: Infinity War” is the greatest and maybe grandest movie the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever offered. Ten years of character building, plot executions, eventful franchises will now come together, and this has to be an epic.

Many fans were anxious about the deaths of their favorite characters in the upcoming movie, the trailer of “Avengers: Infinity War” did drop some hints that indicate tough times for the mighty heroes.

The trailer takes off with an ominous spaceship in Manhattan, signifying the arrival of Thanos! And Gamora, his daughter, explains to Tony Stark just who her father is and why he’s on a quest to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. Once Thanos acquires possession of the Infinity Stones, he can easily conquer all the universe.

Except for one Infinity Stone that hasn’t been shown, the Soul Stone, all the other infinite stones have come up ones or twice in one or another movie by the franchise. The soul stone is likely to be revealed in “Infinity War”.


The trailer shows Black Widow and Bruce Banner have reunited! We even catch a glimpse of Rhodey suited up in his Iron Patriot gear.

Among all the infinity stones, The Mind Stone is currently in Vision’s possession. Vision is hiding out in Wakanda.

Captain America and Black Widow were shown to be in Wakanda. The feud between Captain America and Iron Man must be over, and Rhodey must have figured it out with Cap, Falcon, or Vision, all of whom had a hand in his accident. Bruce (who was busy with the events as depicted in “Thor: Ragnarok”) is also seen to finally team up with his friends again.

After this there come teases of a flashback sequence, giving us some insights into Thanos’ backstory. Thanos is a Titan, but he was born with a physical deformity (the Deviants gene), which made his mother try to kill him at birth. Thanos eventually falls in love with Mistress Death and becomes the powerful, nihilistic murderer shown in the trailer.

That tiny green hand gripping onto Thanos? It seems to be Gamora as a child.

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“The end is near. When I’m done, half of humanity will still exist,” speaks Thanos, who grips Thor’s head, making the God of Thunder scream in agony(which is an iconic sequence already). Thor isn’t a human, but it’s an ominous sign that he is shown in the clutches of Thanos just as he speaks about death.

Just after Thor screams, there’s a quick shot of the Black Order, Thanos’ powerful alien supervillain team. There’s Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight, Corvius Glave, Ebony Maw…and Loki. Thanos is then seen squeezing the Tesseract, turning it into the Space Stone. So, did Loki steal the Tesseract from Odin’s Trophy Room?

The battle comes to Wakanda, Tony’s Hulkbuster armor doesn’t even seem to stand a chance against Thanos. While the sight of Tony with his armor half-destroyed does see scary, think about the existence of Avengers without Tony Stark !!

The shot of Thanos pouncing towards Cap tells a story more elaborate. Although Steve seems to hold back the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity war could be the end of Steve Roger.

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