Bengal Football To Link With Dutch Partnership

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Football in West Bengal is developing day by day and West Bengal has a reputation of having the most amazing football fans all over India.The academies in Bengal have coped up with modern techniques but what if we are told that Bengal football will be having upgraded strategies  and techniques from Netherlands?

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Yes that Netherlands where M.Van Basten, A.Robben, Sneijder had made their magic visible to us. May be its like a life time opportunity of development may be its like a dream but it’s happening!

Rud Gullit,Van Basten are supposed to visit Kolkata to train the youngsters of Kolkata Football academies with their techniques and abilities.Even the Bengal Football Association members have decided to go to the Dutchland to learn and absorb their skillful style and methods. While India is leaping fast towards upper half of FIFA standings, the state has decided to take this amazing step.The coaches who will visit the practice sessions of Netherlands national team will import their methods drills and strategies to Bengal football system.

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Chief Minister Smt. Mamata Banerjee has confirmed that on her Netherlands journey a contract is to be signed between the two parties. On 20th June,the contract is to be signed between KNVB and Bengal Football in Hague. Simultaneously meeting will be held between the two ministers.

‘Didi’, as Banerjee is affectionately called, is known to harbour a keen interest in sports. Invited by the United Nations, the Bengal CM and her team will reach The Netherlands with ample time in hand to partner up with the European country in the field of sports, arts and commerce.

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The exact clauses of the MoU are yet unknown, but it is expected to include exposure programmes for players and coaches from the state. Sources indicate that the MoU will run on similar lines that the All India Football Federation (AIFF), India’s FA already has with France, Germany and Japan.

And friends, do you know an interesting fact?

KNVB and Mohunbagan both were established in 1889 ! So lets hope that our state goes one big leap forward towards the remarkable development of the game we all are crazy for- Football as the FIFA 14 trailer says– “THE GAME WE LOVE, THE GAME WE LIVE FOR.”

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