10 Reasons Why Bengali Guys Are The Best Boyfriends Ever!

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The perks of dating a Bong guy are infinite. They are perhaps the super-specimens of talented men in the history of the dating world. So here are some of the interesting traits of a Bengali boyfriend 😉

1. Bong guys are a perfect choice if you are a Grammar Nazi as well

They know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. They use limited abbreviations during texting.  They correct your tenses. Plus arguing with them over the perfect pronunciations can be informative, as well as cute!

Meri Pyaari Bindu Review

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2. They are so good at debates!

Political debates are bread and butter for them. They can thrash Arnab Goswami any day! They have lots of relevant information stored up in their mind’s memory cards and can be very convincing! Now you know why you can introduce him to your parents without any apprehension!

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3. Bong guys are bustling with culture and talents.

They are usually well-versed in literature and have a talent for writing. So you finally have someone to write poetry on your beautiful eyes and adorable smile. *blush* *blush*

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4.  Music runs in their genes.

They can mesmerize you with beautiful Tagore songs or for that matter any of your favorite medleys. Almost every Bengali boy can play some instrument or the other and if not, they are always ready to charm you with their deep, appealing voice.

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  5.   Say ‘hello’ to good food!

Bong boys have great culinary skills! They love good food and would appreciate your “foodie-ness”. They choose biryani over tacos generally, and take an active interest in experimenting in the kitchen. Imagine regular dates at Arsalan and Aminia!

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 6. Bengali guys are responsible and love their families.

Which basically means he respects elders and is the perfect family guy. He is serious about his career and will understand and respect you. He knows his ‘values and ethics’ well and is very traditional. He will take part with full enthusiasm in all kinds of festivities. Think Durga Pujo.

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7. Bengali men can rock both western and ethnic outfits equally well

Your Bengali boyfriend can carry off both traditional and western clothes. Clean shaven or with a beard, they have this natural talent of looking sexy just because their eyes speak a thousand words. Quite hypnotic, right? 😉

beige jacquard readymade kurta with dhoti of west bengal

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  8. “Cool” comes in many forms. For example, your Bong Bf?

Bengali men are the coolest people on Earth. They are okay with your dress choices, they help you in shopping, they understand the importance of your professional sphere and listen to your rants  on feminism with patience.  You can talk to them about anything and everything under the sun. 😛

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 9. Because football and friendships matter

Guess who might be your best partner for watching ISL? Yes, you thought that right. Your Bong boyfriend. Not to mention those nail-biting matches between Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.  Also, Bengali guys have a wide circle of friends who are very close to him and you will have a gala time joining them for humour sessions as their iconic “boudi”.

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10. Romance is as easy as ABC

Bengali guys are romantics at heart. They never fall short of sweet whispers and lingering kisses and lots and lots of cuddles. They can adorn you with jasmines in your hair and surprise you with rose petals in your books. They believe in those good-old love letters and boat rides on the Ganges by sunset. They will walk you home like your protector and cherish your dreams like their own.

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Bengali men are amazing and it’s high time we take a pause to look at their intriguing chivalry, and the many reasons which make them the best boyfriends ever! And if you’re a girl, and in love with a Bengali guy, think “marriage”! *wink* *wink* 😉

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