Are Today’s Boys and Girls Independent?

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Are today’s boys and girls independent or are they behaving like colonizers in the name of independence?

So nowadays we can hear that some of our parents or our elders say, “Today’s boys and girls are becoming more immoral, sufficed and colonizer!” So here comes the justification of this accusation against today’s, i.e, modern boys and girls.

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Now if we go back to mid 80’s or 90’s time, we can figure out some points about the adult boys and girls of that time. They were so obedient to the elders and to their parents (exceptions always exist), most of the families didn’t want to accept love marriages and they didn’t allow their daughter-in-laws to do job outside.

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Girls used to wear ‘sari’ or something which covered their whole body and boys used to wear ‘punjabi’, ’dhoti’, ‘bell-box pant and formal shirts’. Overall boys and girls were not so independent. People were so simple! The number of well-educated and literate persons were too less than that of now. These are some scenarios of that time. According to some elders and parents that type of boys and girls were better than the modern boys and girls.

Now come to the present scenario… Nowadays both the boys and girls are doing jobs in various working field. They do what they wish to do that means they only listen to their minds. Boys are wearing ripped jeans and girls are wearing short top and short pants, jeans etc. Boys and girls come home at late night. They go to bar and parties. So they are more independent. This is because of globalization of education, technology and science. This time people are more self-centric and somehow they are becoming colonizer in the name of independence!

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Obviously to be independent is good and fruitful for the development of our society, culture and economy of the country. A girl must have to get education and if she wishes to do a job she must be allowed to come out of the so-called ‘domestic life’ and get into working places. Girls must be given the power as much as a boy/man gets. Boys and girls should be allowed to wear dresses of their own choice and which are comfortable to them. They should be allowed to marry with the person of their love. Society should not impose some unjust rituals and traditions on them. But nowadays they are becoming really colonizers
instead of being an independent person. There exists a hell and heaven difference between independence
and colonialism! Let us discuss about this.. We are becoming more modern and progressive day by day. But due to the effect of this reconstruction and modification of our traditional thoughts, we are forgetting our morality, ethics, human values and social responsibilities. We are growing as modern but not as true and good person. We are forgetting to respect elders. We are forgetting how to extend our help to a distressed person because we are now self-centric and concerned about own self! We are reckless and hence we don’t listen to our parents. We attend late night parties, we consume wines, we taunt others, we keep on teasing both girls and boys, we are doing intercourse before appropriate age and so on. And why we do such kind of things? Because we think that these are right to us! We don’t think that these are not right for our society even for a moment only! We keep a carefree attitude and don’t listen to others. We don’t measure the consequences of these things. As a result many illegal deeds are happening in the society.

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Let us put some scenarios..

  • Once in our school and colleges teachers used to scold and beat students if they did some wrong and immoral and unethical jobs. They did that just to rectify those students and to make them a good person. Now even if a teacher scolds a student for his/her wrong deed, that belongs to the act of ‘Child abusing and harassment’. It’s fine. We all agree. But the students must be careful about what they are doing. Is that right or wrong? No! they are not thinking about that. They are thinking that they are given all powers and they can do what they wish to do! As a result we frequently see that students are beating their teachers! They are cordoning the professors and creating anarchy in the institutions. Is it independence?
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  •  A 16 or 17 years old boy went to his girlfriend’s birthday party and got drunk and later he was killed or somehow he found dead. May be there are some cultures like this in many families but is it a culture to be an independent one? Isn’t it a colonialism? Is it legal?
  • Rate of crimes and rapes are increasing day by day in the contemporary society. To take revenge sometimes girls are accusing boys for molestation but which may be a fake accusation. Our constitution and modern society aren’t justifying all the cases. We are giving priority to our own thoughts!
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To be independent means to think freely, to express own opinions, to judge which one is right and which one is wrong irrespective of other’s opinion but keeping respect for others. It doesn’t mean to do everything which we like to do and think that we are right always! We need to give respect and value to others. We should understand circumstances. We should be more restricted to our words. We should restrict our actions. We can’t do everything whatever we think! To be independent means to be more responsible to the society, next generation and overall to the Country! To be independent means to do legal and moral duties. We should not be a colonizer! We should restrict our tastes to good. Moreover, we all should be independent but not a slave of our own thoughts! We all should work together to make a better and healthy society. It is good to respect the old and accept the new. We all know ‘Charity begins at home’ so the teaching of parents should be appropriate and justified. We all have a duty to make a person good. Our education only teaches us to earn but it should teach how to learn along with how to earn. We should be spiritual and there should be devotion and dedication in all things. After all EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL SHOULD BE A GOOD MAN/ WOMAN BESIDE BEING WELL EDUCATED!!!!!!!


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