Bumrah offended with Jaipur Traffic Police

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Jasprit Bumrah is certainly not happy with the way traffic awareness is spread in Jaipur.

The recently concluded Champions Trophy is still having it’s after effects among billions of cricket fans all over the world. For the Indian cricket fans, this is more of an aftershock, after getting a hammering by Pakistan in the final match where they lost by 180 runs. Many still believe the outcome of the game could have been different if Bumrah had bowled a legal delivery. But alas! It was a no-ball when Fakhar Zaman  nicked one to MS Dhoni.

One of the turning points of the final was this no ball from Bumrah. Fakhar went on to score a crucial hundred which proved to be the difference between India and the Champions Trophy. Fakhar was later adjudged the man of the match of the final. Bumrah, allong with Ravindra Jadeja became victim of their crucial slip ups at the massive stage. Both of them went through a lot of criticism on Social Media.

However, thing got worse when it was found out that Jaipur Traffic Police department used the picture of Bumrah over stepping. In a banner, it was stated “Don’t cross the line. You know it can be costly.” Along with it came the picture of Bumrah, over stepping!

Bumrah was furious watching the treatment he received after putting his heart out for his National team. Not everyone gets to wear the Blue Jersey and it’s the ones who wear it, know what it takes to achieve it. Players are well aware  of the rules of the game and how costly a mistake can be. However, people often forget that the 11 men on the field are not machines, they are humans too. And humans tend to make mistakes. Especially on such a big occasion, nerves sometime get the better of you.

Being a warrior of the National team, Bumrah rightly stated in his tweet referring to the bill board, “Well done Jaipur traffic police this shows how much respect you get after giving your best for the country.” 

Bumrah offended with Jaipur Traffic Police

Some might think that bowling a no ball is certainly not the best one can give. But do remember, at first Bumrah managed to affect the dismissal. Only then did Fakhar went for a review and his no ball was spotted. Above every other bowler, it was Bumrah who managed to get the nick as later on, other bowlers failed and Fakhar got to his century in style. Looking at it another way, Fakhar went for a review against a caught behind dismissal. If it was an lbw decision, then chances were there that India would have got the wicket. But whenever a batsman takes a review for a caught behind decision, almost everytime he is sure that he didn’t nick it! So, even if Bumrah bowled a legal delivery, we might have seen nothing on the ultra edge and the decision would have been turned to not out anyway.

Realizing their mistake, Jaipur Traffic Police department soon took on twitter and apologized to Bumrah, stating it was just for increasing awareness. Moreover, continuous tweets within minutes made them look like pleading an apology!

Bumrah offended with Jaipur Traffic Police

Before criticizing someone, always remember what good he has done in the past.

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