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9 Shows That We All Have Our Nostalgia Attached To

Childhood, the best time of our lives. With no worries regarding studies or life, we lived the most joyous moments then. It would have been the best memory of ours when we had the opportunity to go and play outside after coming back from school.

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Indian Parents and Mobile Phones.

We stand in such an era where technologies are slowly taking over our daily life. Be it in the kitchen or even for medical assistance, we are somewhat dependent on tech gadgets. Technology is the new boon for each generation. From microwaves to laptops, each

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Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles

It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits Most of the wealthy people love to buy costly things to express their huge wealth. And it seems that bikes remain one of the top attractions for rich celebrities and they are especially

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Is Salman Khan cheating on his girlfriend?

“The New Love Triangle” is in the making! Its not a movie but life of our Sallu Bhai. His current love interest – the Romanian Iulia Vantur is proving to be a possessive girlfriend. Salman recently threw a birthday party for his former girlfriend, Katrina

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The Truth Behind Popular Whatsapp Emoticons

We all have been using Whatsapp for a long time now and have kept up with with its latest updates which of course include a wide range of emoticons. These little images which have helped us to convey our overflowing emotions and feelings have sometimes

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Cartoon characters that actually exist in real life!

Since, childhood we all have loved watching cartoons and animated series. I am sure many of us still watch cartoon in our leisure time. But what did not expect to see is some of those cartoon characters actually have a look alike that actually existed

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Facts Behind The Indian Dance Forms

Dance is a of the form of art which has consequently selected postures and sequences of human movement. This movements have certain aesthetic values along with symbolic values. Dance forms are categorized on the basis of choreography. It has been accepted as one the many

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10 Simple Life Hacks

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo Da Vinci Everybody in today’s world is fed up with their life. Our lives have become really hectic and we all have to do the work like robots follow the given commands. At some point of time we

The King of controversies- Michael Jackson

With fame, your life becomes an open book. Even the king of pop Michael Jackson could not escape the paparazzi. The singer’s life, just like his hit song was in “Black or White”.  Michael Jackson’s 45 years of career didn’t drive on a smooth lane.

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Are You A Couch Potato?

This is a common term in this generation, rather a common problem. So lets understand what it actually means. According to the Oxford dictionary, the actual meaning of couch potato is a person who takes little or no exercise and watches a lot of television. So

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The Nostalgic Gully Cricket

‘Gully Cricket’            On hearing the name,  what first comes in our mind is the childhood memories when we used to play outdoor cricket usually every day with a broken piece of wooden plank locally named as the ‘bat’ and a torn cricket ball. Neglecting

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Is Bollywood Giving Rise To A New Love Story?

Raabta Co-stars certainly have something cooking between them! As we know Bollywood had always been a place which has seen the birth and death of various love relationships. Now it’s the turn of the two most popular faces, guessing correct Sushant and Kirti.Well, this guy

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You are on BABY BECKHAM’S Camera: The story of a Cameraman

When it comes to photography, it is something everyone loves. It’s really nice to capture memories and moments to cherish in the upcoming future. Here, comes the real twist, how many good photographers get acknowledgment? Very few I must say. And then, there is BROOKLYN