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Supriya Devi – The Ever-Popular Bengali

Veteran Bengali film actor and Padma Shri awardee, Supriya Choudhury (Devi) passed away at her South Kolkata residence on Friday ( January 26, 2018) following a massive heart attack. She was 85. Supriya Devi is survived by her daughter Soma, from her marriage to Bishwanath

Are Indians Hypocrites?

I always had a casual but cautious approach towards socialization. People, who met me for the first time, would say this boy is not much matured, he has not seen the life outside, he’s not formal, etc. But the reason I intend to show this

To Pay The Debt Of A Medicine, Come Like This

Behind the eyelids, Spill alone tears. When your memories tease me, The tears spill like this. The ink of this letter Is made from my tears. You are my pain, You are my medicine! To give a sweet ailment, Come like this. To pay the

Humanity, Superior To Religion!

“Terrorism has no Religion”, is one of the very common statements when it comes to issues dealing with terrorism. Such an incident of fierce terrorism happened on 10th July evening when a bus carrying fifty-six passengers was returning after visiting the Amarnath Shrine. To the

7 Reasons Why Girls Usually Fear Proposing A Guy.

Loving and being loved is the most heavenly feeling on this Earth. But proposing your partner acts as the main bridge before coming into any relationship. No matter you are a guy or a girl, step forward and don’t expect them to know about your feeling

One Sided Lovers

One sided lovers are those who love their loved ones but never get that love back. In other words he/she loves that person who loves another person or none. Some times they cannot tell to their loved ones only for fear. One thing here can

Tale of You and Me

Tale of you and me!   I saw you standing beneath my sword With your heart surrendered without a word Blazing lightning failed to frighten your heart But, I fell apart. Glare of your eyes broke my dreams And brought me to the world of

The Epic Past

The epic past reminded him of his memories. He used to walk down the lane every evening to drop her at the bus stop. When it rained, she held his hand under the umbrella, shared their thoughts and waited there at the crossing, looking at

The World Of Decisive Dame

21st century…some say it is a century of modernization, some say it is tech-savvy century but keeping all these statements aside we can proudly say that it is a century of women empowerment. It is an era where women from all over the world proved them to be

Nostalgia Of Kolkata: The Indian Coffee House

Staircases with the graphic art walls full of posters and slogans, hefty wooden doors that have passed the test of time and a smoke trapped rendezvous of gala cacophony give way to the brew of nostalgia. 15, Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata-73 –is the official and

How To Love Women Who Have Been Unloved.

Not everybody is a story, Some people are poems, A haiku, And they will break your body into syllables, wait For you to rhyme For the cups of your elbows to fall on the ground Like rainwater and they will take bits of that To

PM’s Mentor, Swami Atmasthananda Maharaj Expires at 98

Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math fifteenth President, Swami Atmasthananda Maharaj (98) passed away at Kolkata’s Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan on Sunday (18th June, 2016) evening after a prolonged illness. The 98 -year -old Swamiji had been undergoing treatment for age- related ailment since February, 2015.

The Distance Between You And Me

These distances! The distance between paths, The distance between eyes, The distance between companions, All these distances should finish! Why someone is near, While someone is away? Nobody knows this. Am I coming near or going far? I don’t know where I am! There was

Dear Everyone

Dear people of Indian society, Enemies of peace, propagators of depression and anxiety. You are manipulator, murderer, killer. You kill our dreams year after year. No, really, don’t you feel the slightest bit of shame? Expecting medals in the Olympic game! When you yourself are

Be Brave Enough To Follow Your Heart

Since she was ten, Harsha has been dreaming of blossoming into an acclaimed writer when she grows up. She realized she had to follow her aspirations as she became conscious of the spontaneous flow of enticing emotions and thought strings whenever she experienced something new-

Happy Father’s Day

12 years old boy was creeping at his crouch looking at his father, dressing himself to leave for his job. His father was a waiter in the Glenaries bar. The boy did not like his father’s profession as every day his friends taunted him, insulted

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