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Football: An Evolution since Decades

FOOTBALL: AN EVOLUTION SINCE DECADES A game that unites people from every part of the world, a game that creates emotions and love among people of the world…FOOTBALL.We all play football either in any club or with friends in a  warm Sunday afternoon..going to the

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Blast From The Past – The Battle of Berne

The 1954 FIFA WORLD CUP Quarterfinal Match between Hungary and Brazil played at Wankford Stadium in Bern, Switzerland on 27th June 1954 is referred as one of the most horrifying football match to take place ever. Build Up   Brazil and Hungary both looked very much

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ISL Gets Recognition From AFC and FIFA!

The Indian Super League (ISL) has been given a shot in the arm as the winner of the competition would now get an opportunity to compete in the AFC Cup, according to some sources. Following the All India Football Federation’s (AIFF)  Executive Committee Meeting on Thursday

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Could Lionel Messi really leave Barcelona?

SEEING Lionel Messi in any other colours apart from the famous stripes of Barcelona seems difficult to imagine. But for the first time in the Argentine’s remarkable career, a move away from the Nou Camp seems more likely than ever. There are five reasons why Lionel

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Federation Cup 2017 is here.

Federation Cup 2017: Presented by Federation de Sports Association. Federation Cup 2017 is round the corner as heavy weight teams from Kolkata gear up to have the mega faceoff. It will be some clash to cherish. The tournament is scheduled over 2 days- 15th and