Premiere of Chitthi is knocking at the door.

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Are you ready for Chitthi.

This is the age of short films. With Video streaming apps like YouTube being at our fingertips, more and more people are engaging with Independent Short Films made by Independent Film makers.

Over the last 5 years, Short Films have taken over the Indian YouTube scenario, with films of lengths as short as 3 minutes becoming globally acclaimed. And they need not be from big production houses, a good percentage of these films come from Independent Film Makers.

One such Short Film Is “Chitthi”. Chitthi is a film about the Love, depression and uncertain ups and downs of an Old age couple.

Going a bit deeper:

The fim revolves around a Letter(“Chitthi”) and it focuses on the elements of compassion and companionship two partners can offer(in their 60’s) one another even in their hardest of the times.

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The Film is directed and written by Kritartha Pandey, pursuing B.A. in English(Hons.), who has a genuine passion for writing and Film making. He has been uploading videos of his vines on youtube and is getting popular. The assistant director is Rohan Paul.
The Cast of Chitthi includes Sailesh Goenka and Esha Kabiraj, both very talented actors. And the Director of Photography are Abhishek Sinha and David Deb Barma.

Chitthi brings in a heartwarming tale of love with the suspense that is the letter(chitthi) in the movie.
The movie is releasing on Youtube tomorrow, 1st April on Krithartha Pandey Channel: ( Enjoy the film and do give us your valuable review. This will help the team improve in the coming future.

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