Embarrassing Moments We All Came Across In Our Life

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Life would have been so much boring and so much grey that we could not even imagine. Be it a live comedy show or some really funny childhood memories, we laugh our hearts out. But in the midst of these really funny things, we all do some things that can be considered Embarrassing! Or you can say STUPID!

Down below are some of the things, picked up from the everyday lives, that we all have done at least which can be considered DUMB!

1. Drink water from that unopened bottle. 

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Be honest, you did this. In between of that heartwrenching match, you forgot that the bottle was yet to be opened. With a frowned expression,”I wish no one saw me this way” would have been your first reaction. Aint I said the correct words?

2.Waving at someone and then realizing the person was waving to someone else.

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Imagine, you are standing in a park and then, there’s someone waving a hand. Even you do the same with an additional smile. But then you realize the person was waving to someone standing behind you. Ughh! embarrassing

3.Singing a song in the office but with your headphones on.

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Let’s admit this has been the most embarrassing moment. You are singing a song. Inner you- “Wow! my voice is so beautiful” But the outside scenario is totally different. I don’t really need to explain this.

4. Got something stuck in your teeth, not at home, but at the restaurant.

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Let’s just talk about the real disaster. Food sticking to the teeth gives us real trouble. Imagine the situation now, after completing your dinner or lunch, you realize the little monster piece of the chicken leg, is stuck. With little hope of getting the sh*t out, you put your pinky finger inside your mouth! Lol, I won’t continue further.

5.Sudden entry of parents at the wrong moment.

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Busy talking to the best friend, pouring all the frustrations of the day, using the F*** word once. BOOM! mom comes in. The most embarrassing rather the scariest moment of all times. Have you ever been caught?

Have you ever come across any embarrassing situation that I did not list up? Do let me know in the comments below. 

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