5 Cool Exam Cheating Gadgets you didnt know existed.

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So how many times have you tried to cheat in an exam? Some will say never and some know very well at the back of their mind that they can pass only by cheating and there are people like me, too afraid(and sometimes lazy) to even look at the other person’s copy.

But how many techniques have you ever tried? For the most of my classmates, it is limited mostly to asking the adjacent person when the invigilator isn’t looking or sometimes passing of chits.


But there wont be anything cool about this unless Technology is involved. And believe me or not, new technologies to help you cheat in exams are coming up everyday. So lets look at

5 Cool Exam Cheating Gadgets You didnt know existed

1. 24 Kupi- the invisible watch.

Well, this is the technology almost everyone wants to get their hands on. No, the watch itself isn’t invisible, but the screen of the watch is an LED display which is otherwise invisible but when you look at it through the specialized sunglasses, you can see it.

You can upload content to your watch and look at it and write in the exam, no one else will be able to see it except the person wearing the glasses.

The product is sold by a company named 24Kupi, and it costs around $7 which is roughly Rs.500.

You can watch the supercool video of the product here:



5 Cool Exam Cheating Gadgets you didnt know existed.

Now this is what we can call innovation. The device looks just like an ATM card, but a lot thicker. But inside it you can fit a sim card.

It comes with a wireless earpiece that you can put in your ear which is said to work in a 50m range.

So what it does is once you put the sim card in it, it will receive any call made to it automatically. So you have to keep a partner somewhere so that he can tell u the answers.

Now I’m not really sure how the partner is going to have the question paper beforehand, but nonetheless this is a good innovation

It is sold on Ebay at a price of Rs. 20,000. Way to expensive that is.


3. Covert Earpiece

5 Cool Exam Cheating Gadgets you didnt know existed.

Firstly, this thing looks really weird. This device is made to fit out ear canal and it is colored roughly of the skin color of a white American.

What it does is, in the description it says that it can fit into your ear canal without being seen by anyone. And with it you get a mini wireless microphone. So you and your “hall collection group” will have to wear it and you can discuss answers without any problem.

This thing costs about $39 which is roughly Rs. 2300 .

Will you give it a go? Let us know in the comments.


4. Eraser with Inbuilt microphone.

5 Cool Exam Cheating Gadgets you didnt know existed.

This is a master innovation. The eraser actually erases like a normal eraser but it contains an inbuilt microphone which is so sensitive it can pick clear calls.

So what does it do? You have to pair it with the invisible covert earpiece mentioned above and you can easily discuss with others without any kind of suspicion.

It is priced at Rs. 15000. Too pricey again!


5. Bluetooth Hairclip and earpiece set.

5 Cool Exam Cheating Gadgets you didnt know existed.

Now this is really really weird. Innovations are getting weird and weird day by day.

This is a normal hairclip that girls can tuck on in their hair.

What it does is it transmits voice data to others in the room through a transmitter and data collected from a microphone.

This weird thing is priced at rs. 18000

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