Feliz Cumpleanos Lionel Messi,The Legend turns 30

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Lionel Messi, that one name among many that football world can never forget. The Argentine footballer had at last stepped on his 30th birthday on 24th June,2017.Referred to as the ‘Magician of football’ or as the ‘Best player in the world’ By many football legends Messi has been the most creative and responsible player recently.

With his debut as a Barcelona star at the age of 19, Messi started to conquer every other defender gradually.With lots of lateral dribbling close touches and passes along with mind hypnotizing goals Messi gained his stardom and achieved many awards. With a deficit of growth hormone, he is only 5’5″ but that did never withdraw his determination to win over the fans hearts.

Messi young age

He went on to become one of the world’s most valuable players under Frank Rijkaard.Finally, his breathtaking conquers started under the guidance of Joseph Guardiola who is hailed as a legendary Barca coach until now. Day passed and he continued his dance past the defenders the commentators left astonished “AAAAA are u kidding me? Thats an absolute jam of a goal when Messi sent the defender to his sleep, racing through the time..the whole stadium on a hypnosis of footballing magic and the goal out of the world can you describe him in a word?Oh I see the heaven in front..”   – Ray Hudson (taken from live commentary)

The smile that kept the spirit

At such an age Messi has achieved so many things like-
  • Most Best Player in La Liga awards: 6 (2009–13, 2015)[479]
  • Top goalscorer in La Liga: 349 goals[480]
  • Top assist provider in La Liga: 137 assists[note 4][181][182]
  • Top goalscorer in the Supercopa de España: 12 goals[272]
  • Top goalscorer in a La Liga season: 50 goals in 2011–12[481]
  • Most braces scored in La Liga: 101[482]
  • Most hat-tricks scored in a La Liga season: 8 in 2011–12 (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)[272]
  • Most teams scored against in a season: 19 in 2012–13 (shared with Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo)[citation needed]
  • Only player to score consecutively against all opposition teams in La Liga: 19 matches, 30 goals in 2012–13[142]
  • First player to reach 300 La Liga goals[483]
  • Youngest player to score 200 goals in La Liga: 25 years and 7 months in January 2013[484]
  • Top goalscorer in El Clásico: 23 goals[159]
  • Top goalscorer in the Derbi barceloní: 17 goals[169]
  • Top goalscorer in official competitions: 507 goals[490]
  • Top goalscorer including friendlies: 539 goals[490]
  • Top goalscorer in the UEFA Champions League: 94 goals[490]
  • Top goalscorer in European competitions: 97 goals[490]
  • Top goalscorer in International competitions: 102[490]
  • Most hat-tricks scored in all competitions: 37
  • Most hat-tricks scored in La Liga: 26
  • Only player to be top goalscorer in three or more La Liga seasons (2009–10, 2011–12, 2012–13, 2016–17)
  • Most titles won with the team: 30 (shared with Andrés Iniesta)


    Many critics compare Messi with Cristiano but is it even fair? They both are such a beautiful player in their own respects that mordern fans have forgot admiring the beauty of the game – JOGA BONITO. Messi-Ronaldo rivalry as created by the so called media is merely an incident because source says their families are close to each other,Ronaldo junior is a fan of  Messi while Tiago messi is a fan of Ronaldo.

I would like to conclude saying- Feliz cumpleaños Messi. Siempre has sido un jugador fantástico y legendario de todos los tiempos. El juego desinteresado que usted exhibe, puede que el mundo aprenda mucho de él. Usted puede ser de 30 años de edad, pero puede que su creatividad estar vivo durante mucho tiempo siendo así el salvador del club en momentos cruciales. Messi, eres el rey Leo que estaría en la historia del fútbol como el más brillante de las estrellas en el espacio.

Happy birthday, Messi. You have always been a fantastic and legendary player of all the time. The selfless play that you display, may the world learns a lot from it. You may be 30 years of age but may your creativity be alive a long long time thus being the saviour of the club in crucial times. Messi, you are king Leo who would be in football history like the brightest of stars in space.

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