Friends With Benefit – Is It Better Than A Romantic Relationship?

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The trending relationship, friends with benefit is turning out to be a better form of relationship.

When you are high on, being worked up by your “testosterone”, “estrogen and progesterone”, can you even think of cuddling each other? 

At that moment the only thing that stays on mind is sex! But being in a romantic relationship, cuddling with your partner, before and after intercourse, plays a vital role. Still some women holds “no cuddle , no sex next time” policy.

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Who doesn’t need a relationship with big words such as Expectations, Commitments and Sacrifice? It never gets valued in “Friends with benefit” or “FWB” relationship. Commitments made earlier, may for some reason cannot be fulfilled which leads to disappointment, misunderstandings, fight and many more. 

Picture ideas- Justin won't be in a suit he will be wearing white linen shirt with khaki pants or tan linen pants whatever is the least hottest lol super simple & Paxx will match him

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Are you always there for long late  night conversations? 

A romantic relationship feeds and thrives on communication. If you do not share your daily details with your partner then definitely you are unfeeling or emotionless. While being in FWB relationship, the above criteria hardly matters. You enjoy your personal space .

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Post Break-Up or Separation drama! I mean who wants that? Caught your partner ditching you, breaking up then crying all day long or trying to say good-bye to the world.  Boys choose to get drunk, go no shave and what not. While on the other hand we can keep it simple. No more interested in each other? Get separated. Life actually remains the same.

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Seeing your ex in the crowd, and trying hard, not to get spotted, becomes awkward. Why cannot just say hi and give a hug ?

After all we all are human beings, we are all given the right to be just friends with our ex and move on with our next. The thought of awkwardness really never comes to mind once you were involved in a relationship which had nothing to do with love but had only lust in.

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The concept of being friend with benefit may sound cheap to many but it is definitely the best form of relationship for those who gets sexually attracted towards each other but never falls in love and hence doesn’t wish to go forward just because that the society will not accept them.

Society won’t accept your love relationship so easily. So go ahead and before getting into any kind of relationship, justify yourself whether you Love your partner or just have Lust on your partner. 

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