Google Legally Accused Of Racial Discrimination In Hiring

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On the very recent times, many of us are unaware that even a company like Google has faced a buffer in their way after the company is accused of hiring employees based on racial division. We have seen the racial discrimination which deprives the black people, but on the contrary, Google seems to have problems with Asians and White people as claimed by the complainant, an ex-YouTube employee.

A former Google employee Arne Wilberg has filed a case that states, Google implemented “clear and irrefutable policies” meant to exclude white and Asian men in an attempt to increase the company’s overall diversity. He also claims that Google retaliated against him for opposing these policies, eventually firing him in November 2017. Moreover, Wilberg’s lawsuit has targetted Google and 25 workers who seemed to have elevated the process of filtering employees based on race and region. He has also stated that some minor group people have complained about a policy – “PROJECT MIRROR” that forced them to interview candidates of their own gender/races.

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Google told The Wall Street Journal that “we have a clear policy to hire candidates based on their merit, not their identity. … At the same time, we unapologetically try to find a diverse pool of qualified candidates for open roles, as this helps us hire the best people, improve our culture, and build better products.”  – such was stated by Gina Scigliano, the Google spokeswoman.

James Damore, a former Google employee has sued Google complaining that the company discriminates against White people. He was fired due to the distribution of memos that contradicted with Google’s policies. Some Google employees who advocate for diversity allege the company is not doing enough to protect them from a harassment campaign by their co-workers following Damore’s firing that has subjected them to hateful comments and violent threats. One account also is filed for investigation regarding underpayment of women by Google.

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In such cases, our beloved Google has suddenly mingled with facing a law action. Is it because Sundar Pichai is an Indian himself and he is trying to filter the Whites? Or is it just a company policy to diversify their ground of hiring employees? Let us think and hope for the best. But again #NoToRacism.

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