Hoax Call In Alipurduar, Tea Estate Labour Loses Every Penny.

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The treacherous cycle of Hoax calls claims yet another Life . This time is Alipurduar. A tea estate labour of Majherdabri Tea Estate belonging to the Rang Tea Assosiation of the Damanpur division is the current victim to this growing threat.

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Tinku Das, who works as a day labour in the Tea Estate claims to have received a Call earlier this evening around 4 from a unknown Number. The caller Told Tinku that he had won 12 lakh rupees in some lucky draw, and hence asked for his Bank Account details in order for Tinku to claim the said prize.

“It was around in the evening, I got a Picture message on my phone, and then a Call from a unknown number,  The voice on other side identified himself as Mithilas pandit. He said I have won 12 lakh rupees in some Lucky draw at Limeroad.com and I have to provide him with my bank account details if I want to claim my Prize. ” says Tinku.

Hardly Educated, the innocent labour had no idea of the validity of such calls, and like any other poor chap , the happiness to earn a sum of that amount overwhelmed any sense of judegment and he did as he was told.

Damanpur Division of the Tea Estate

“I told him I have an SBI account , with the account number – 3340******2, and provided him with all other details he asked for. He said the transaction will be completed in 10 mins. So i cut the call. And within 10 minutes I received a message from the bank on my phone stating that my current Account balance is NIL. I was awestruck and didn’t knew what to do. I am very poor and that was my every means of survival. ” Tinku broke down to tears.

Later he lodged a complaint at the local Police station where he was instructed to close down his account. But no further step was taken.

” I called at the toll free number of the bank, they told me if I wish to close my account I have to do it in person from the branch itself. But i was late already, and Bank has closed down for the day. The police also couldn’t offer me any solution. I am clueless at this point regarding what to do” Tinku said.

Later during investigation It was found there is a hidden twist in this case.

When Tinku was asked for his Bank Acount details, He was first told that in order to claim the said prize,  He first needs to make a Transaction of Rupees 40 thousands to Mithilas Pandit (The Fraud), and then his account will be debited with 12 lakhs along with that 40 thousands he gave . Now tinku being simple man, confessed he dont have that much sum in hs account and instead gave his account details to the Unknown man.

Now things get really Sad for the Poor Labour when He recieved another call from the same number ( 7366****25) and was told only 8 thousand could be encashed form his account and sicne he coudln’t pay more 32 thousand he also lost his claim on the prize. And the call was cut. Later whenver He told this story he was made fun of everywhere, the police station and bank included.

Here Tinku Das may have acted out foolishly and is paying the prize with his life’s income. But its really sad. And alamring at the same time, how day by day the number of such hoax calls are increasing and people faling in their trap are no less . Awareness should be raised from the grass root level not to indulge in such hoax calls. Goverment should be taking neccessary steps to prevent such occurence from next time so that No other Tinku can mourn over such hefty Loss.

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