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Their eyes met in the school campus during a program . Tithi was performing  with her classmate when Ravin saw her for the first time. In spite of the fact that they both were in the same school for years, they did not interact. Tithi was always the shy girl who was afraid of her seniors, while Ravin was just the opposite. He was a cool guy who loved to talk to his juniors and classmates. He had a friendly behavior. It was on the day of the program that Tithi noticed the guy in the drama, but did not know his name and Ravin noticed a girl with a violin in her hand and playing so gracefully. Ravin did not talk to Tithi that day because he knew that this girl was afraid of her seniors.

For Ravin  it was just love at first sight, but he did not have that much of courage to confess his feelings to himself. After returning back from school, Ravin opened a diary and started to write ” Maybe the girl is the most beautiful girl I ever saw. What can be her name? But the way she was singing, I wish I could have at least congratulated her . Her eyes had so much of high aspirations…” before he could write further, his mother patted him  on his back and said ” ki rey? Ke shei meye ta? ” (Who’s that girl?)

kon meye go? Ki bolcho tumi?”(Which girl? What are you talking about?) Somehow he managed to hide his diary

ei j jar jonne ekhun boshe diary ta likhchish?”(The one for whom you are writing your diary now)

na go eta toh emni ee(Nothing of such sort. It’s just normal)

bacha amar, bole fel. Ke shei meye je amar chele tar eto bhalo ekta habit koriye dilo!” (My son, open up, who’s that girl who transformed my kid with such a good habit!)

Ma  jano, dada na aaj khali Tithi Di r dike takiye katiye dilo puro program ra”(Mom, you know, elder brother just spent the whole program staring at Tithi), said Rushu, Ravin’s younger sister

Rushu , I can kill you for this” saying this, Ravin left the room. Rushu kept describing Tithi’s beauty and her talent.

Meanwhile, Tithi was unaware that somewhere she also liked that handsome senior.  She was totally unaware that Ravin also liked her. But she knew that this feeling had no values and  he would leave the school soon. Ravin would stand on the staircase to meet Tithi, but did not ever talk to her. Tithi also, went to school early so that she could see him. But alas! None of the, ever tried to talk to each other.

Many months passed like this, it was the day of Ravin’s  farewell. Tithi was sad, she wont be able to see Ravin in the staircase from now. Even Ravin sad, he wont be able see Tithi. After, coming back home, from his farewell party, the first thing that Ravin did was to open his facebook account and find Tithi shah’s account. He was also in fear that Tithi might  not have an account. But fortunately, he found out her account. Sent her a friend request. A few minutes later, Tithi shah, accepts his request. He immediately sends her a message:

“Hii!”- Ravin

“Hey!”- Tithi

“Seriously, a huge fan of yours now”

Thank you, even I am also a fan yours now…”

And the conversation continued. The girl who was always afraid of her seniors now was talking to Ravin as she has known him for decades. The spoke to each other everyday, exchanged their numbers and also met outside somewhere.

Days passed like this. When suddenly Ravin said “Tithi ekta kotha bolbo toke, mind korbi na toh?” (I need to say something, I guess you won’t mind. Would you?)

Haa bolo  naa“. (Ya. Go on. Sure)

I started to like you”

She blushed.

ebar ami ki bujhbo? Raag korechis? Naa ….” (Okay. What now? You’re angry or ..?)

naa… maane ami o arki tomake like kori” (No. Actually I am also a bit into you. I have the same feelings)

What else do you need now! Both of them finally confessed their feelings.

They started dating each other. They dated each other for more than 3 months.

It was July 8th. Ravin and Tithi were out on a dinner date. On that day, Ravin proposed the girl, he always wanted to. He bowed down before her and said, ” miss Tithi, I fell in Love with you on the very first day I saw you. We did not speak in school but facebook made that possible. I did not even dream of we being together some day, but this did happen, and it’s the best thing ever happened to me! Will you be mine forever?” Tithi cried, but it was because of happiness. All she could reply was a yes. For her, it was the best moment. She wanted to live that moment again and again. At first, they kept their relation a secret, but pyaar ko kabtak chupaya jaa sakega? All of Ravin’s friends came  to know about this .. Even Tithi’s friends now called Ravin their “jiju” .

One year passed by, they were happy. Until it was the time for Ravin to leave the place and move to another city for higher studies. It was now a long distance relation. But they were ready to face it, because they knew, distance cant be greater than their love.

Ravin left for his new phase of his life. Before leaving he just said one thing to Tithi, who was very much upset, ” tithi, shonn, ami baire jacchi porte, tar mane eita na je ami toke bhule jabo, tor jokhn ee kono oshubidha hobe, do call me. Ami toh tor Ravin ee thakbo rey! Kadish na and give me  a smile now.” She smiled but that was not her real smile.

Anyways, she started to live her life normally again. They used to talk over phone for hours and hours and used to chat over Whatsapp. In spite of being a long distance relation, they both were happy.

But this happiness did not last forever, some months after staying their in the new place, Ravin called Tithi one day and said ” ei shon na tor sathe kicchu imp. Kotha achey rey!”( listen, I had something to talk with you!)

-“hann bol na, ami free ee achi” ( yup go ahead, I’m here)

-” ami jani tor onekk ta kharap lgbe but amr kicchu korar nei” ( I know, it will hurt you,  I am left with nothing else)

-“ki bolte chaicho? Clearly bolo. Kichu ee toh bujhte parchi na ” (what are actually trying to say? say it clearly)

-” ei relation ta kaaj korche na rey, amr interest chole geche!”( this relation is not working out! I don’t have the interest anymore)

Tithi broke down. She started to weep. She never ever had though that something of this sort would happen. She cried, this time because of sorrow. For her it was the worst time. All she could say to him was -” Jodi tomake konodino kichu kharap boli, I am sorry for that. Bhalo theko.( If i was ever the reason behind your sadness, please forive me. stay happy)  And yes! I still love you, because for me, Love ain’t a matter of INTEREST. Take care, mr. Ravin. Good bye” she kept the phone and cried the entire night. She was depressed . She forgot how to smile. She used to stare at those pictures which she had clicked with him. She cried . But one fine day, she told to herself ‘ ar koto kadbi oii manush tar jonno, aar noi, ebar theke nijer life ta abar aager moto enjoy kor”( how much tears will you shed for that person? lead your life normally. enjoy it like you used to do before) Tithi was changed. She started to live a normal life again, out of her depression, he again found her real happiness in her violin.

Two years later, Tithi woke up at midnight due to a call. The number seemed to be known. She immediately picked up the call

-“Tithi, kemon achis?”( how are you Tithi?)

-“ami toh thik aachi, but ke bolcho?”( I am fine, but who are you?)

-“ami Ravin” ( Ravin here)

“why did you call me this late? Are you fine?”

-” I am not fine. Can you meet me tomorrow at the café?”

-“yes sure. Lets meet at 12noon then.”

-” fine.”

-“Chaalo tadaa” (Okay. Bye)

Ravin was depressed, for he took a wrong decision two years back. He desperately wanted to rectify his fault. He was suffering from loneliness. He never knew, that Tithi’s absence would change him. He wanted to talk to Tithi again. He wanted his Tithi back again.

As planned, they both met at the café. Tithi wore a white salwar and she was looking as if an angel had come down from heaven. Ravin saw and waved at her. She occupied to seat opposite to him and asked him what the matter was. He held his hand and said “ du bochor aagey ekta bhul kore niyechilm. Sheta ke rectify korar chance tuku debe amay?( Will give me the chance to rectify my mistake i committed two years back?)

Tithi was taken back by his words. On one side, she was shocked to see Ravin coming back to his life, but on the other side, she was not ready to forgive him for hid deeds. She said she needed some time to take the decision, as she did not want Ravin to destroy her emotions again. Whereas Ravin was waiting for his Tithi. She took over one week to take this decision. After one week, she called Ravin and asked him to meet at the same café at 12 noon.

Again, she occupied the seat opposite to Ravin.

-“so what did you think?”

-“All I wanna say is……”

–  to be continued.

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