Impact of the Politics On Indian Sports

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Sports has always been one of the most amazing curriculum for the modern youth. But sports in India is not only about performance. Those who have already participated in many trials be in any sports- indoor or outdoor, they have realized the truth. The India politics has played a major part in selection and oppurtunities for the people who wants to have a ‘sportsperson’ tag in their profession. But what impact it has? What changes did politics bring to the country’s sport world?

What do civil rights have to do with pro football players? What does the economic recession have to do with the Olympics? Everything“, says Dave Zirin, author of the new book Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down. The first sports editor in the history of The Nation, Zirin has spent over a decade writing about the intersection of sports and politics. He argues that political and social issues have permeated sports at all levels, from youth leagues to the big leagues—and that it’s time for sports to be recognized as both a driver and reflection of social change.

Hockey is our National sport, but has lost importance in the past few years; it even failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics. In the London Olympics 2012 the Indian hockey team came out last losing all its matches. Not only hockey, but tennis, football, golf, badminton all shares the same pathetic condition. Neither are the sponsors interested in financing them, nor does the government raise enough funds.

Have you ever been to a zonal football trial? Or a district one? There are many youth players who have performed their level best in the trial, inspite of performing a top notch quality they are sometimes excluded from the final list. Why? Either one of the pre-excluded bad performer has their guardian working as a zonal DSP or a MLA or Municipalty commissioner, whom eventually they call and inform about their exclusion and in return the guardian who has always wanted to see their son/daughter performing as an athlete, negotiate with the selector or coarch whatever.If you really understand what the word negotiation means in this case – a bribe or a mild threat. Thus you get replaced by that moron who was not even near to you.

The same happens with cricket too. Alongside this Wonderful bribing system, if anyone of your teammate has their father a member of the famous club in which you practice, you can sometimes see yourself and that guy in the same stage though u know his performance was very low in the practice sessions.

Even the events like IPL has become a station for betting. No fairplay no giving the heart out to win (Except few matches) all has become a event where sponsors pour their money to advertise about themselves rather than really helping out the youth generation to prove themselves what they worth.

Bribery, lack of contribution from the government towards the academies, lack of interest from higher authorities and companies has led the Indian sport system to nowhere but a riot and conflict between the politics and castes. The selections based upon politics and individual income are welcome.

But there are recently some huge efforts running on to develop sports in India. With the efforts from central government and the state the academies are recently giving enthusiasm to the players cordially.

ISL has taken Indian football to a new level of excellence. Thanks to Mrs. Nita Ambani, for developing the growth stage and The Indian football world is shining as never before as it has paved the pathway for many youth players and have created many teenage prospects. The results? INDIA IN 96TH RANK IN FIFA WORLD STANDINGS. A great leap from 170s.

Even the Olympic performances of the Indian athletes have snatched the attention. Mr. Moreau had this to say to India Real Time on Friday: “The IOC did indeed receive the letter that you are referring to. A fruitful meeting took place last Friday in Lausanne between the IOC, a delegation from the Indian Olympic Association headed by Raja Randhir Singh, IOC member, and a delegation from the Government of India headed by Mr Injeti Srinivas, Joint Secretary (Sports), Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, in order to review the situation of the Olympic and sports Movement in India as a whole.”

Even crickets have its own development as many cricketers have opened their own training centers where all are equally trained and corruption is lesser. May be the price is higher but u reap what u sow. Similarly states are covering up their respective backdrops from contributions from MNCs thus funding up the training centers along with international coaches and stuffs.

So, what do you think? Is there a political problem with sports management in India? And if so, will the IOC follow through on its commitment to ensure that the Olympic charter, which bans political discrimination in sports, is respected here? Please let us know in the Comments section. Share and let everyone know the change and the true scenario of society. Let everyone contribute towards the betterment.

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