Impressive Performances By Not So Great Actors/Actresses That Shocked Everyone.

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This Bollywood industry will enlist you a long memo that’ll consist of artists who are either famous due to their family background, or due to some factors like being loyal to the work ethics etc. But amidst this list, the actors who peruse a long career do eventually discover that they also had felt comfortable with the role assigned, and they actually did a commendable job. Discussing some of those examples from these actors here comes with 5 top examples with not so great actors having a point to prove on their side.

1. Mallika Sherawat in Pyaar Ke side effects
Mallika Sherawat is an Indian actress who works in Hindi, English and Chinese language films. Known for her bold onscreen attitude in films like Khwahish and Murder. An example of Mallika playing the role of Trisha opposite Sid played by Rahul Bose, Pyaar Ke side effects is a genuine effort of the portrayal of realistic comedy in the backdrop of a romantic story something all can relate. So in this film, Mallika did a splendid performance that took the film to a whole new level, with adding another aspect to the portrayal making it look genuine

Source: Bollywood Hungama

2. Arjun Kapoor in finding fanny
Arjun Kapoor is an Indian actor who appears in Bollywood films. He is the son of film producers Boney Kapoor and Mona Shourie Kapoor and is currently the most overrated actor currently working in the industry. He has appeared in several films like Gunday, Half Girlfriend and just to name a few. One who does minimal to the movie and depends on the creators to establish the script and premise to make it perfect for him and for the film to be hit. But one such exception was Finding fanny. The film which focuses on Ferdie, an old postman, decides to find his lost love Stefanie, whom he calls Fanny and embarks on a road trip with Angie, Savio, and Rosie. Don Pedro, a lustful artist, also accompanies them. A complete worth watching the film if you want to see him doing a good job and sharing a good screen time with Deepika Padukone, this film is for you. It was Very appropriately done by Arjun Kapoor. He was seen in his most natural and infectious performance.

Source: Wikipedia

3.Imran Khan in Delhi Belly

One actor who has been fading away from the limelight constantly, despite he had the privilege to work with some renowned directors, due to multiple failures he had to meet this fate. Despite receiving critical acclamations in his debut from his film Jaane tu ya Jaane Na also did an amazing performance in Delhi Belly. Tashi, Nitin, and Arup, three strugglers who are also roommates, unknowingly become the target of a powerful gangster when they misplace his expensive diamonds. And all of these takes to multiple twists and turns to give rise to a hilarious movie to witness. His performance was worth watching.

Source: Wikipedia

4. Tushaar Kapoor in Khakee

One actor who has dedicated most of his career to the Golmaal installment and has definitely got more to offer, and pick up challenging roles and impress and also to come out of his Rohit Shetty comfort zone. Such a performance was witnessed in Khakee where he performed amazingly well. A film with compelling storyline didn’t do good box-office business but a superb portrayal of sub-Inspector Ashwin Gupte was simply much above par. Do Watch it, it’s worth watching.

Source: Star unfolder

5.Nargis Fakhri in Madras Cafe

The actress who has been seen in several movies like houseful franchise , Azhar and just to name a few, found herself quite comfortable in Anurag Basu’s Madras Cafe which boasted of a gripping storyline, that came in backdrop of civil war in Sri Lanka and assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, something that had jaw-dropping performance by John Abraham. In the film, Nargis played a British correspondent and seemed flawless in her portrayal as she really felt comfortable and it was quite evident especially with her accent and dialogue delivery. Do Watch this film you’ll be in for a genuine attempt.

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So what do you guys think about this article? Do let us know in the comments below if we missed some of the Honorable Mentions.

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