Indian Cuisine – ‘Oh No’ To ‘Oh Wow’

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Hello, readers. In this article, I will be telling about some of the Weird Indian Food, that you may not have known to exist. Looking at them you must first feel a bit disgusting but trust me guys, they are as delicious as your favorite dish. I’ll start with the topmost state of India, Kashmir, descend down to our capital Delhi, then Bihar, cover some parts of eastern India then come to West Bengal and finally end up at Chattisgarh. Woof, hell of a journey we are going to do today, so let’s get started.

Wazwan (Kashmir):

This is 35 food course meal, which is very popular in Kashmir. It is actually a ceremony to promote pride in Kashmiri culture and identity. The specialty of this ceremony is that all the dish included in this course are made up of Lamb’s meat. Yes, every part of the lamb is cooked, not even the brain is left. Of its thirty-five courses, between fifteen and thirty can be preparations of meat, cooked overnight under the supervision of a master chef called a vaste waze.  The special attraction of this meal is a dish named Gushtabha, which is velvety textured meatball in white yogurt gravy. The velvety texture is done by beating the meat with lamb fat.

The popular chef will be rustling with his pots and pans all this week, whipping up a meat-rich Kashmiri wazwan for the food connoisseurs at Punjab Grill in the city.

Wazwan- Kashmiri Lamb Meal

Goat Testicle Curry (Delhi):

Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, is well known for its street food. On every corner, there is a someone making their own delicacy. Entering its street you will come across a restaurant named Al-Jawahar. This place is famous for serving some delicious Mughlai cousin.  One of its famous dishes is, Kapura Bakri Masala, made with goat testicles. First, it may look a bit weird, but when you put one of those in your mouth, they will melt inside and give you a feeling as if you are in heaven.

Image result for Goat testicle curry

Goat Testicle Curry

Rat Musahari (Bihar):

Yes you heard it correctly. Rats! Musahars is are a Hindu Schedule Cast, who were traditionally rat-catchers. From them, this name came. Roasted rats are served in many of Bihar’s restaurants, and their government is considering a proposal for rat farming. This is an initiative to uplift the mentioned Dalit community. Welfare and Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe Development Minister Jitan Ram Manjhi had said  once the rat meat was accepted as “hygienic” food material and people start consuming it on mass scales like chicken, goat or pig meat, it could be sold at Rs 100 a kg in open market as against current rate of Rs 10 per kg.

fried rat

Rat Musahari- fried rats in Bihar

Frog legs (Sikkim):

It is a very famous dish in Sikkim and they think it’s a delicacy as frog legs have certain medicinal property. It is a French dish which the Lepcha community of Sikkim has inherited.This dish is also served in Goa, where it is called “Jumping Chicken“. Although it is recognized as a threatened species by the government of India yet you may find some restaurants serving it. So whenever you visit Sikkim, don’t forget to taste its delicacy.

Frog leg curry

Eri Polu Silkworm (Assam):

Eri silk which is famous in China and Japan, comes from  the caterpillar of Samia Cynthia Racini. One would not always find these worms on the market, but they are often seen to be sold at small bazaars in packets. These worms are also famous for Polu or Leta, a dish served in Assam.  They are best served with drinks.  Ant eggs are also added while making this dish.

Image result for Eri polu

Eri Polu

Dog meat (Nagaland):

This is quite pathetic, and the government is taking steps to ban it too. We all know, dogs are man’s best friend, but they are often found to be served as a delicacy, in Nagaland. Many other countries banned dog consumption, in the recent years. Dog meat is also served in Mizoram and Manipur.

Related image

Dog meat curry

Hilsha Egg (West Bengal):

One of Bengalis’ favorite dish. Fried Hilsa Egg with mustered oil and rice. Wow! Hilsa fish is monsoon fish. In every house of Bengal, this dish is mother’s delicacy.  These have a beautiful aroma. If you ever come to Bengal, it is recommended to try this dish.

Hilsa Egg Curry

Red Ant Chutney ( Chattisgarh):

Indian dishes are always garnished with different kinds of chutneys. It is appreciated well in our country too. One such famous chutney is the red hot chutney, Chaprahmostly found in the wilderness of Bastar in Chattisgarh. Well, fun-lovers must try this dip, made with red ants and their eggs. It is a sharp, spicy bowl of fire, and your tongue may get afraid at its site. According to the local Dhruva tribe, it is not just a dish, it’s an adventure.

Image result for red ant chutney

Red Ant Chutney

With that spicy note, we conclude our journey of the most bizarre Indian foods, that will give you an experience worth sharing with others.

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