Indian Idol’18 Kolkata Auditions: Real Talent Hunt or Another Brilliant Script ?

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Is Indian Idol 2018 Kolkata Auditions rigged?

Indian Idol is a singing reality contest that aired on Sony Television Network is a very popular show and has been running now for quite some time. It is the Indian version of the popular show POP IDOL. It aired its first episode during 2014-15 in Indian television with Abhijeet Sawant being its first ever winner and since then it has been quite a popular TV show!

Now, this year like always Indian Idol announced its comeback and asked the mass to gather for auditions that were to be held in several pre-listed cities, details of whose were provided in their Facebook page also. Naturally, the hype was tremendous and people are reported to have gathered in masses.

But what was so different about the Kolkata auditions- 2018? According to the sources, it was not at all the kind of audition that has been taken place in the previous years. This year the Show franchise hosted the audition at Lake land Country Club. Exceeding All expectations this year, it was full to the rafters at Country Club on 13th May, i.e. Sunday. People have come from as far as North East, Assam, the likes of Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand were also there. Now, what actually created the dismay was that this year number of participation just to show up for auditions were double the number that came last year. Many people who were repeaters also acknowledged this fact. According to a participant, the queue to the registration desk was very long, and all the participants had to stand in the scorching heat for quite some hours. Well, we can’t complain about that. But exactly when things began to look fishy? Let’s see.

According to sources, one of the crew members who were present at the registration desk was a known senior of the school. When that participant reached the desk and asked for the form, the crew member replied: ” Go home, why are you wasting your time here”. But, why would a crew member whose sole motive would be more and more registrations, for his own benefit, ask someone to leave saying it is futile to stand and wait?!

Further complaints arose when it was found that in the group discussion round they said that the judges were biased and not at all serious about hearing everyone. It was heard that they would randomly ask someone to sing few lines of some song and then judge them on that. Well, that’s fair enough but only when they listen to it fully. Sources revealed that many were asked to sing more than one song, while on the other hand, some couldn’t even finish their first line when they were rejected straight on the face. Now a singing talent hunt of this stature, how can they be so unprofessional.  Well, this is not all.

Further for the second and third round, qualifying which one would say they have qualified for the Grand auditions in Mumbai, the participants were very disappointed. It came to the knowledge that Not a single, Not a single participants were selected for the Grand auditions, creating a huge uproar and anger outbreak among the participant outside. First of all, standing in the long queue for so long and then this sort of treatment where no one gets selected! Then what’s the whole point of holding such big auditions? Well, one of the crew members answered that. According to him, it is all for the Camera footage that is to be telecast in the name of auditions. Rumors flew that some selected peoples were already finalized beforehand, even before the auditions. These ‘favoured’ people are said to be from the Indian Idol Academy that claims to produce talented singers who can win the finals of Indian Idol. Can this actually be true? Initially hearing this there was a lot of Uproar, filthy talks, mass outrage among the participants and no sooner it was all a pushing and fighting arena.

Now questions arise, why Would someone do that? If it is at all possible? Well, we decided to break up the points and analyze them. Well for the first thing, if there is any such thing as Indian Idol Academy, then surely they would want its participant to have a go at the contest over any general people. It works like a reservation system, only that here a lot and lot of money is also involved. If Indian Idol Academy cant get its Students through to the finale of the main show, how will it prosper? Why will people join it donating crore of rupees? Yes, You heard right! Crore!

Now you may think its only Kolkata, but no You are wrong! Cities like Lucknow, Guwahati in the northeast have similar experiences. After what happened at Kolkata we decided to dig deep and search the Official Facebook page of Indian Idol and look what we found!

And especially in Lucknow…

As you can clearly see Complaints of unfair means of selections are coming from other cities as well! Some parents who are working day and night to see their child shine, some participant who wants to bring happiness to his /her parents by doing what they can do best – Sing. Now how will they trust such system, how will they trust the media if such hypocrisy is going on! A show that has been in running for more than 10 years now , a well acclaimed show which aspires many young talents to be like one of the winners each season, to go up there and showcase their talent, to show the world that even they can, how will they have their cool when such acquisitions come to forefront? Can we really trust these “reality shows”? Are they actually hunting talents or is it another cover up for major Monetary involvement? A full got up? A fantastic Script to Bewilder and Fool the mass? We don’t know. But we want to know, Cause millions of life are involved and thousands of such talents are not recognized that goes to waste. Surely one day Someone somewhere will be acclaimed for their talent, But not today. Not this show, not this audition.

Indian Idol will continue but what happened on 13th May in Kolkata and many other cities as well, will continue to raise questions about the double standards of such shows.

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